Ghirardelli Pink Heart

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Another pink Valentine’s Day offering here, in a nice soft, silver pink. My disappointment in it, though, was at finding only seven squares inside. The heart isn’t very big, but I was expecting more like ten. This explains the awkward opening and closing of the box. If there are only a few, they’ll probably go fast and you’ll have no need to close it up again.

Ghirardelli Heart

Three of those seven squares were the Dark Chocolate with Raspberry ones I reviewed before. Simple balance of sweet and dark.

Two are Milk Chocolate with Caramel, sitting in gold-edged wrappers. You can’t really get the milk chocolate by itself to taste because of the soft liquid caramel. It’s a smooth and milky caramel, setting on the perfect definition of sweet as it melds with the chocolate. Not “sweet” in a bad way at all. The two orange-wrapped Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter squares are like Reese’s Cups with a divine makeover. The filling is of the same sort, but with small peanut pieces here and there and a much more “real” taste. Creamy with crunchy, peanut flavor with chocolate flavor. All rather addicting qualities, without the Reese’s grease that even saturates the paper they sit in. Now why were there only two?

Ghirardelli Heart

The only Valentine’s Day part of this is the heart box since these are regular Ghirardelli offerings. Also keep in mind that there’s also a red heart, which has different flavors in it. Not too fanciful, but they’re still good-tasting, simple delights.


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  1. Mmmmm, I’d love to try the peanut butter ones….. I”ll have to check to see if they’re available in Australia.

  2. huynh binh minh

    very nice, i want to buy for my ex girlfriend

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