Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie

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Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie

After enjoying Ghirardelli’s Twilight Delight, I just had to seek out the Midnight Reverie, at an additional 14% cacao content and a few hours past Twilight. Now that’s more my style.

Despite the “New” stripe in the corner, my memory would beg to differ. Just how long can something be called new, anyway? A year, maybe? Well, Ghirardelli, it you say this bar is new, I guess that makes it new

Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie

Chocolate in the ’80’s tends to have a progression of flavors, but this one delivers a more constant, fluid taste. At the moment I’m really not tasting the bitter, but it did give an obvious bitter hit before, as compared with the 72%. I’m getting warm, baked chocolate notes. I can’t always identify my chocolate fruits, so I’ll stick to the description for that part: “hints of dark cherries, dried plums.” Rich-tasting foods, fitting for a dark chocolate. Midnight Reverie reminds me of eating a cake, frosting and all. A nice cake, mind you, not a boring box or grocery store variety.

Ghirardelli is great at making an appeal to the average person, getting just the right depth for a practical palate experience. the darkness of this bar, for instance, is the cozy kind you can sink comfortably into like bath water. The bitterness is more a pattering across the sides of your mouth, with the high percentage thickening the flavor and enveloping you.

I had a very tiny piece of the Twilight Delight while Midnight’s taste was still in my mouth. Oh, sugar! A piece of sugar in my mouth! Wasn’t expecting that. It must be, then, that the biggest difference between the two is sweetness. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t have noticed without the brief experiment. But consider yourselves warmed: Twilight is casual depth with sweetness, Midnight is casual depth with much less sweetness.


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