Ghirardelli Twilight Delight

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Ghirardelli Twilight Delight

I can include Ghirardelli’s Twilight Delight in the list of chocolates that helped bring me to the Dark Side.

Back when (just a few years ago) I found most plain dark chocolates a little boring, a bag of individual squares became my friend. I discovered how easy it was to bring a square with me during the day to savor slowly at some point.

Ghirardelli Twilight Delight

Returning to it now, I find the aroma underneath the light gold foil reminds me of chocolate chips. I guess I’ve habitually been using Ghirardelli chocolate chips long enough now that it was bound to happen. Ghirardelli manages a unique flavor in their dark chocolate. This one is described as “highly aromatic, with mocha, blackberry, and dark cherry notes throughout.” The sweetness and bitterness of this bar hold hands like a cat and a dog. They shouldn’t get along so well, but since they do, anyway, they end up so similar as to be nearly indistinguishable. The delicate smoothness gives a gentle touch, with a thick, though pleasant, aftertaste left after it melts. I’d forgotten how nice it is.

Looking at the name, I can see how it fits, though it’s four in the afternoon right now and twilight is still a ways away. The soft colors of the fading light; the scorching of the sun taken away, though its heat lingers; the comfort of another day at its close, even with a touch of restless anticipation for the morrow. Oh, yes, and it’s delightful.


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  1. Sounds like poetry for the palate!

  2. The very best kind of poetry!

  3. Carlos

    Ghirardelli is an ok product, I am just shocked that in their own locations product is extremely expensive vs. wal-mart, costco etc. we should not contribute to support a bunch of lazy abusive europeans managing this company. Here in America we have great American chocolate companies. Ghirardelli IS NOT AN AMERICAN COMPANY.

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