Galler ‘Les Minis’

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Galler Les Minis

Another in the seemingly endless parade of Galler chocolates, these minis are a step up from the previously reviewed Bouchée bars in terms of taste. Here we have that perfect little treat to go with your morning coffee, or possibly something dark to enjoy alongside a post prandial espresso?

The three most obvious flavours are the pralines. Noir at 60% cocoa, a milk, and a creamy white chocolate. Each in itself a fine example, and really the only matter is personal preference. I enjoyed the milk, disliked the white, and preferred the dark. No surprises there then.

Galler Les Minis

The Café Liégeois turned out to be a dark chocolate exterior which was home to a mild (and very light) coffee mousse filling. The filling worked as a great counterpoint to the bittersweetness of the chocolate.

I could almost have taken a dislike to the Noix de Coco on sight. A white chocolate shell and coconut filling – hardly my cup of tea now. However I was pleasantly surprised by a dark filling housing toasted coconut which was never too sweet. The rich cocoa flavours were enough to balance the sweetness, and the flavours of the toasted coconut were natural and refreshingly bright.

Galler Les Minis

Another white exterior/dark interior pairing which turned out to be a surprise winner was the Manon. It was sweeter than the coconut version and the filling was very busy with fruit and nut pieces held in a coffee flavoured centre. Something I could see working with a good strong coffee.

Galler Les Minis

So just who are these chocolates aimed at? I can only imagine groups of women on the continent having friends over in the late morning for proper, authentic coffee served in small cups, each accompanied by one of these mini bars balanced on the saucer in place of the more usual brown biscuit. Similarly, I might consider using these to serve with coffee at the end of a meal. They’ve clearly been created to have with a coffee. The question is, will customers get into the habit of having the odd naughty Belgian chocolate treat with their mid morning pick-me-up? These are still quite pricey chocolates at around 45p per piece, and as such they strike me as being the preserve of the wealthier chocolate lover, or as an indulgence or gift for the coffee drinker in your life. They’d certainly make a change from socks for Dad, and why shouldn’t men get chocolate gifts as well?


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  1. Simon

    Interesting fact – on Valentine’s Day in Japan women give men chocolate or flowers. (So I’m reliably informed). A month later it’s the turn of the men to give gifts to the women.

  2. Michael

    I support this Japanese tradition and think everyone should give me chocolate (not flowers) on Valentine’s Day. And I promise to do the same a month later. Really, I do…

  3. THe Manon does sound interesting- fruit, nut and coffee. I must admit, I’ve seent hese around, but never felt that they look quite exciting enough to justify the cost. I’d rather just get some Michel Cluizel, even if this does end up being even *more* expensive 😛

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