Galler Bouchée Bars

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Galler Bouchée Bars

As far as I can work out, these are being marketed as one of those little self indulgent treats for grownups, or as a lunchbox filler for kids, and before anyone asks, ‘Croc’ does not mean that I’ve been eating crocodile-filled chocolate bars – these are crocquant (crispy to you and me) bars filled with a mixture of praline and crisped rice.

Galler Bouchée Bars

They’re certainly a little treat – just over 20g of product divided into two squares.

Galler Bouchée Bars

As you can see, there’s a generous amount of chocolate covering these bars, which makes for a very pleasant mix on the palate. The praline is soft, rich and buttery with loads of nutty flavour, and the crispy rice adds that little extra crunch to the overall mouthfeel.

Galler Bouchée Bars

The filling is very light, soft and crumbly (as you can see), which means that a square of one of these bars isn’t around for long, and therein lies the issue, really. At a shade over 75p per bar, these are pricey little treats. Hardly the sort of thing you’re going to throw into Billy’s lunch box every morning, are they? Of course if your kids are called Penelope and Peregrine it might be a different matter, but I can’t see many parents spending more on a chocolate bar than they would on the other contents of a lunch.

There’s nothing wrong with these little bars per se, other than the fact that I can’t see where they lie in terms of a market. An occasional indulgence to have with a cup of coffee maybe, but certainly not a daily snack for your kids. Way too pricey for everyday consumption and yet somewhat insubstantial in terms of grams per pound? I suspect that these are not top of Galler’s sales charts. Like most people, I can countenance spending £12+ on a really good box of chocolates as a treat, but the best part of a quid for two bites of chocolate? Not me, at any rate.Winner on taste, big loser on price.


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