Ferrero Garden

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My daughter has been hassling me to buy these for ages because she loves the look of Ferrero Garden’s gorgeous pastel-and-foil colours which are clearly designed to appeal to the girlie lurking inside in all of us. These pretty little things tend to be more prolific during Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, so that also gives you an idea as to who they’re supposed to appeal to.

Ferrero Garden

Here in Australia in the 1970s, we had our tennis (and Wimbledon) hero, John Newcombe advertising ‘Claytons – the drink you’re having when you’re not having a drink’. It turns out that these Ferreros are the Claytons of the chocolate world. As Simon’s review of the pistachio ones stated the other day, these are, in fact, not chocolates at all, but, according to the description on the back of the box: ‘Crisp crème-filled confections.’ This was borne out when I unwrapped one of each type – no milk chocolate, but what appeared to be white chocolate and coconut on each one.

Ferrero Garden

Hmmm. I wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed at the subterfuge or intrigued, so I dived in and tried all five flavours. These are almond, pistachio, forest fruits, hazelnut and coconut and all of them were superb with a subtle flavour that was easy to distinguish from each other. All of them were creamy and light, with a tiny crunch from the wafer that surrounds the white-chocolate-mousse-like filling. The main ingredients are sugar, vegetable fats, vegetable oil and whey powder. No wonder they tasted buttery… It was also interesting to discover that they contain ‘powdered fruits’ including Prickly Pear. Prickly Pear here in Australia is a noxious weed!

Despite the dodgy ingredients, complete lack of chocolate and the chicky-babe Nanna-in-Sequins appearance, even the man of our house – Love Chunks – enjoyed them and announced he’d be more than proud to be seen eating them in public.

We ate the entire Ferrero Garden box within a sitting, happy to find that eighteen divided into three perfectly. Sadly, there was only two forest fruit ‘crème filled confections’ in there – and they were my favourite – and four each of the others. Perhaps the ingredients (such as that essential pesky powdered Prickly Pear) are more expensive? But if this is not the case, if Simon can get his hands on an entire box devoted to the pistachio flavoured ones, why can’t we also get a whole box of the forest fruits? Please, Ferrero?


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    But…but…. that’s just not chocolate!

  2. The Ferrero Garden sold here in the States doesn’t have those fruity varieties. I still prefer the plain old Rocher or the new Rondnoir to the white ones.

  3. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    Yes, you’re right – it isn’t chocolate, but I honestly thought that it was – like their usual ‘rocher’ types. They even tasted a bit like white chocolate (yes, I know that ‘white’ and ‘chocolate’ shouldn’t really be said together either) and are clearly packaged to appeal to the chocolate box buyers amongst us.

    Or that’s my defence anyway 🙂

  4. Those look wonderful! I love the standard ferreros and have never seen these pretties. I’ll have to keep an eye out…

  5. hannah

    I’ve been searching for these for months! Where did you find them? Love the blog 🙂


  6. Ana

    Here in Portugal they sell those in Hazelnut, Pistachio and Lemon. The lemon ones are fantastic, though they’d be even better if they had some chocolate in them.

  7. Simon

    I have some Lemon here, ready to be reviewed, and I’m looking forward to trying them.

  8. earma

    hi. I would like to know if the ferrero garden sell in malaysia? I was trying to find it but not all chocolate shop have the product. please help…

  9. choc lover

    i am searching for this in mumbai india

    where cna i buy this

  10. Yary

    I don’t think that they ell the ferrero garden here in the states, I saw it on France and Germany on 2008 went I was there for vacation and I try and it was wonderfulllll!!!

  11. Zakiyyah

    I always buy the standard Ferrero chocolate..but yesterday I went to the supermarket in the town and I saw the Ferrero Garden which I’ve never seen before…indeed i was really attracted by the coloured foil…gonna buy some soon 🙂

  12. Gabe


    Which supermarket did you go to that carries Ferrero Garden? I’m interested in the green Ferrero Garden Pistachio.


  13. ethereal_fire

    I discovered these when I was in Germany. I think they are awsome because they aren’t chocolate. I have several family members who are allergic to chocolate so these are “chocolates” that they can have! I just wish I could buy them in Canada.

  14. shiri

    I liked all the tastes of ferrero garden besid the almond… it has an aftertaste that is not so good.

  15. snoopy

    i’ve never seen before…i wanna try this chocolate…
    i think it’s wonderful… 🙂

  16. Ramnarayan Natarajan

    Just had an opportunity to taste this wonderfully crafted pieces of fine chocolate in various garden flavours. So far tried only those Coconut ones. Damn tasty and its just simply awesome. Got it from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport,Malaysian Duty Not Paid)

    It says Made in Germany. Rocks 😉 I love this chocolate very much.

  17. Fay

    This was my first time trying the ferrero, I tried the Ferrero Garden Coconut and fell in love. I would love to know were i can buy only the Coconut ones..I’ve tried the website with no luck.

  18. Tom

    Where i can buy these Ferrero Garden selection??? I am living in Hungary, in Central Europe, but i never seen here this choco! I was lucky today, because i can bought a Ferrero Selection for My wife in the hypermarket. (Short 16 pices selection, white, blac, and 4 pices Green / almond and pistachio/)
    Thanks for your reply!


  19. Smilly

    I’m living in USA. Where can I get this? I love it so so so much!

  20. Frank

    I tried this several years ago, the taste is really…um…unforgettable, especially the ones with lemon flavour. Because it was a present given by my dad’s business partner, i really want to know where can i buy it in Europe…I am living in the Netherlands.

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