Fazer Vodka Cranberry Liqueur Fills

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Fazer Vodka Cranberry

Fazer are (perhaps) the best known Finnish chocolate company. In my pre-Chocablog days I have bought Fazer chocolate while in Finland, but I have never seen these liqueurs before. I picked these up in a TK Maxx, of all places – further proof that chocolate is EVERYWHERE.

Fazer Vodka Cranberry

These particular chocolates have quite a tasty dark chocolate outer coating, but alas – it conceals the ubiquitous sugar shell, so as soon as the shell breaks and releases the cranberry vodka (which you will either love or hate) and the vodka is gone, you’re left with a mouthful of sugar. I’m sure some people are perfectly happy with this arrangement, but it’s not to my personal taste. I much preferred my Eastern European Vodka Fig chocolates, mainly because they were sugar free.

I’m still not 100% convinced about vodka and chocolate either. Something about combining the two strikes me as a little unnecessary, taking away from both rather than producing something new and harmonious. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would disagree, but that’s the beauty of humankind, isn’t it?


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  1. Mariangela

    Hi Simon,
    have you ever come across (and tasted!)a Goldkenn or a Camille Bloch bar?!? (http://www.goldkenn.com/en/collections/liqueur)(http://www.camillebloch.ch/index.php/en/home/schokoladen/likoers/grappa). Both Swiss chocolates, but some of them are without sugar shell… I agree, it is much better without!
    Bye form Italy!

  2. Finn

    What did you like the “basic” Fazer chocolate?

  3. rosalie

    Is liqueur fills vodka cranberry original lemonlime kosher if so who gives the supervision. The candy is yum so I need to know. Thank you

  4. KC

    How many come in a package (on average?)

  5. The best chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

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