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Bouvery CV Chocolate Vodka

A chocolate vodka drink like no other.

Elizabeth Shaw Vodka Shots

It used to be that I associated Elizabeth Shaw with Christmastime boxes of gold foil wrapped mint crisp chocolates, somewhat traditional in style and beloved of the older chocolate lover. Well it would seem that the old girl has had …

Fazer Vodka Cranberry Liqueur Fills

Fazer are (perhaps) the best known Finnish chocolate company. In my pre-Chocablog days I have bought Fazer chocolate while in Finland, but I have never seen these liqueurs before. I picked these up in a TK Maxx, of all places …

Elysberg ‘Emoti’ Vodka Fig Pralines

No, it isn’t a typo, these really are vodka and fig pralines. Well, to be more accurate, they’re pralines that are filled with a fig-infused vodka. (I did say figs had suddenly appeared with surprising regularity, if you’ll pardon the …
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