E. Guittard Ambanja Bittersweet

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This was my fourth E. Guittard purchase. The company is based out of California in the United States, but its founder, Etienne Guittard, went to California from France in the 1850’s. I enjoyed the other three bars immensely, so I was expecting the same quality here. I wasn’t disappointed.

Each of their bars is wrapped in the same tasteful design with black trees behind the name and gold edging, only with different colors on the sides. Ambanja had a blue-purple color, reflecting the intensity of the bar.

Although there were a couple of air bubbles, the chocolate had a healthy, reddish sheen. Like the others, this bar is divided into twelve rectangles, each perfectly sized for tasting. I don’t consider 65% cacao very high, but Ambanja retains a darkness with deep, fruity flavors that become sweeter about halfway through, finishing in richness.

It also maintains E. Guittard’s exquisite texture. As the chocolate melts in your mouth, it ripples off much like a fondue fountain, only slower, of course.

Normally, 50 or 60% chocolates don’t go over very well with me because they have neither the sweetness of milk chocolate nor the range of flavors of dark, but this bar passed the test.

Although the flavor is much the same throughout, it is both sweet and rich. An ideal combination. I paid three dollars for this 56.7 gram bar (online, it’s closer to four dollars), but it was worth every bit.


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  1. Simon

    Hi Deanna,

    Welcome aboard. Good work.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Welcome Deanna 🙂

  3. Wow Deanna, you’ve found a very nice one there. 65% is nice and dark but not too bitter – perfect for luring your milky mates over to the Dark Side.
    Welcome to chocablog Deanna – you’ll find that we’re all very nice folk, just a little bit, erm, ‘enthusiastic’ about the subject matter…..

  4. Adrienne

    Nice review. I can almost taste it:-)

  5. sara

    I like this blog 🙂
    But if you love chocolate you really have to try icelandic chocolate, there is no other chocolate like it, it simply is the best in the world 😉

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