Duc d’O Truffles

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Chocablog readers of a sensitive disposition may wish to stop reading here, because these are some of the strangest (and frankly, disgusting) looking chocolates I’ve seen in a long time.

The box describes these as “5 fine Belgian flaked truffles”. I could describe them as something else entirely, but as this is a family web site, I’ll let you judge for yourself…

If you can get past the initial appearance and try one, what you’ll find is large, irregular, slightly flaked chocolates with a soft whipped filling.

This is actually the second Duc d’O offering we’ve reviewed. The first time round, one of my major complaints was that the chocolates tasted just a little bit bland.

Unfortunately, these truffles suffer from exactly the same issue. They are pleasant, but they just don’t taste of anything much. The milk chocolate is Ok, but certainly nothing special, and the filling tastes of fresh cream but not much else.

I think this is probably one of those products that “seemed like a good idea at the time”. I’m quite certain Duc D’O are capable of making fabulous chocolates, but this looks bizarre and tastes very ordinary.


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  1. Lemon Curry

    Is it just me or these look like… ekhm… droppings?

  2. I have to admit, Dom, that I too had, erm, ‘suffered’ through a box of these several years ago. Clearly the once-delicate flaked shavings of chocolate don’t last a second longer than it took to click the cover photograph and they instead just meld into the -ahem- ‘nugget’ to make it look even more stool like.

    And you’re right – they taste so bland and nothingy it’s an ugly and pointless exercise really.

  3. Ilena

    I disagree entirely. I think they taste divine. They are often roughed up when shipped so therefoer the “flakes” don’t hold together well. ( A design issue maybe ) but nonetheless, on my palate, they are yummy!

  4. Kris

    I disagree! They are the nicest truffles on the planet!!!

  5. laura

    It doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s what they taste like (and they taste great). I don’t think they’re bland, however if you’re after overpowering chocolates I can see how it may be seen like that. I think they have a great combination of flavour.

  6. Mark

    I just googled the name because I got some as gift and now want to buy more so obviously disgree with the review.

  7. janice taylor

    Have to agree on what they look like, never seen chocolates qyite like these before – and i’ve seen a lot of chocolates LOL.

  8. Sybil

    Well, I think they look exactly like “truffles” should look just remember how the real truffles look like – would you throw them away just because they look ugly? They taste just fantastic – without any too strong aroma, mild and delicate. Adore them!

  9. Nicky

    Recently visited Belgium and all their handmade truffles looks like these.

  10. ROCHELET Hélène

    Excellents chocolats. Saveur exquise et quelle finesse!!
    Très satisfaite.

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