Duc d’O Mini d’O

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Duc d’O Mini d’O

I don’t know about you, but I’d never heard of Duc d’O. They may be a premium Belgian chocolatier, but their wares haven’t made it as far as my corner of Finchley – until today.

This little box of “Mini d’O” is a perfectly formed box of chocolates in miniature. Measuring around 10cm square, this box contains 9 perfectly formed milk, dark and white chocolates. According to the obligatory menu we have…

Praline Nougat X3, Crisp Chocolate Truffle Cream, Cream and Vanilla Truffle, Crisp Hazelnutpaste, Mocha Praline Truffle X2, Cream and Pistachio Truffle

Duc d’O Mini d’O

Reading that list, I have to say I’m a little disappointed. Despite the fact that all the chocolates look different, many of them have very similar fillings… and they’re all ever so slightly… well, bland.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are beautifully made chocolates and they look amazing. I just wish as much thought had been put into the flavours and textures as had gone into the design. There is a little bit of variation in the consistency of the truffle fillings, but not enough to be able to tell one from another with looking at the box.

Taste-wise, it’s very difficult to get a good idea of quality with chocolates this small. Suffice to say it’s not offensive in any way, but it doesn’t stand out either. All the chocolates are sweet and creamy, and the truffle flavours very quickly overwhelm the chocolate ones.

Now I may be being a little over critical here, simply because my hopes were so high when I opened the box. I’d love to see Duc d’O take the concept of a mini box of chocolates but make them taste as exciting and fun as they look. Until then, I’m sure these miniature chocolates would make a very welcome gift for a miniature friend, but I don’t think I’ll be buying them myself.


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  1. How much did those cost? I picked up something as a house brand here in the States for $1.99. They’re not bad, kind of fun because the pieces are so tiny and cute. But I agree that they all tasted the same.


  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ooh, they’re exactly the same.
    Couldn’t tell you how much they cost as they were a gift.

  3. Hi Dom – we have a lot of the D’or (or should that be D’oh?) varieties here in Australia and they’re bland. If you get given some as a gift, avoid eating at all costs and instead open them immediately and offer some to the gift giver!

  4. EyeDE

    I have picked these up in the UK for 99p for the size shown and £1.99 for the next size up, that is basically two of the try above in a longer box (witch would make the bigger box 1p more for the same amount)

    I was disappointed in these, they seemed quite bland (a little like the lack lustre and vague menu) all tasting much of a muchness, I certainly would not be able to tell them apart or identify them in a blind test.

    That said, for a pound they look nice, and are a little different.



    I recently was given a 500g tin of Duc D’or chocolates and was at first scepticle because as a chocolate lover I’d never heard of duc D’or before and I allways like to choose my own artisan chocolates to buy.

    I read your comments about being dissapointed and I was suprised because I found the Duc D’or chocolates lovely, yes they were well designed and finished, the chocolate was well tempered so had a nice snap when I bit into them and also the flavours I thought were just right. To my experience Belgian chocolates are not too sweet unlike some other chocolates which leave a harsh after taste of sugar on the top of your palate. I found duc D’or to be suptle and smooth on the palate with very nice fillings. The one I really like is the Amande with the whole almond inside which does not get overpowered by the encased chocolate filling.

    Maybe you should give duc D’or another go, they really are a fine Belgian chocolate….and I’ve no connections what so ever with the company or anyone who works with them..

    Yours sincerely,, Alan Raymond. Ireland.

  6. Helen Johnson

    I was given the box of double the size shown on this site. I love, absolutely love these chocolates. I have gone on line to try to find out how to purchase more but I’ve had no luck finding the site where I can order some of them for myself and friends. Actually, I like any miniature chocolates and can’t seem to find anyone who makes them. Any help? Anyone?

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