Dilettante Milk Chocolate Salmon

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I see that I am not the only one who gets excited about fish. A solid chocolate salmon was just something I could not pass up. It may not be so cool as the chocolate caviar Simon reviewed, but I’ll take it, anyway. In fact, I was so elated by this fishy chocolate that I put it up on display for a notable amount of time before bringing it down and giving its photo shoot, complete with silverware.

You see, this 340 gram fish is something I decided from the start I wouldn’t share with anyone, though that’s what I usually try to do. So I let this fish represent pure silliness and happiness.

At the start, I thought to use the same fork and knife from the photo shoot to dig into the chocolate with: there is just something about eating chocolate with a fork like it is a “real” food. But that didn’t last very long. It has been much more fun to nibble away at the whole fish, without bothering to break off pieces as I would have to if I were sharing. It’s as if I’m recreating the joyous abandonment of a giant chocolate Easter bunny, just with a salmon instead. The salmon is more entertaining, in my opinion.

Now, however, I must admit the sordid details, ending my ramblings about the perfection of combining chocolate and salmon. This Northwest Catch salmon is labelled as milk chocolate; it’s a relatively dark milk chocolate. I have no objections toward that (quite the contrary), but I had to get used to this chocolate before proceeding into my happy devouring of it.

It isn’t compounded chocolate, yet there is something almost oily about the way it melts. Perhaps it has a composition that better allows it to be molded? Yet even the molding, the main feature here, could be more perfect. There is just a bit of excess chocolate on the tail of the fish and its head gets slightly banged up from the box. But let me return to taste. It’s fashioned with notes of cinnamon that help its tendency toward a darker edge, especially in confectionary/novelty terms. It hits that middle section between sweet milk chocolate and bittersweet dark, not precisely in either category.

I take it that’s why it gets away with being plainly boxed in faux wood with little more adornment than a real salmon would have. That and the fact that Dilettante hails from the Pacific Northwest, making the more realistic versus winsome style simply add to the novelty. And if you like, I see that Dilettante also makes a dark chocolate version.


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