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Two years ago, I looked at some milk chocolate truffles by Delaviuda, which I found to be pleasant eatables. Now I return with a box of dark chocolate dessert cups with a series of praline fillings. Like before, the box has a semi-sleek look combined with a typical-find style. The sculptural look of the dessert cups, though, is one I like. There are two each of the following:

Almond Praline – White chocolate surrounds the tan-colored praline, with a sprinkling of almond pieces on top. I don’t know if I just got a bad one, but it felt too dry and tasted sort of boring. Neither chocolate gives off much flavor; milk chocolate may have worked better in this case.

Hazelnut Praline – A light tan top houses a whole hazelnut without any enrobing white chocolate. This one felt much smoother as I eased a knife down the middle–it doesn’t lack moisture. It’s smooth with the plain dark chocolate adding the right touch. The funny thing is that it (along with the rest, really) has an almost-spiked taste. There is, however, no alcohol in the ingredients.

Coffee Praline – Look twice because that isn’t actually a coffee bean on top: it’s a dab of chocolate over a sugar crystal substance that in the end does taste nicer than a real coffee bean. There is a white chocolate layer below the praline, but let’s get back to the coffee portion. This is probably the best coffee chocolate I have had in a while: it is properly strong and fresh and there are no grains in it.

Truffle Praline – A classic, cocoa powder sprinkling tops this one off. Underneath is a delicious praline thick with light richness. The chocolate is mild; be aware that there is a good amount of sweetness around. Still, it can make a good chocolate for spending a few slow minutes.

Yes, this a box more of confections than gourmet truffles. With that in mind, I would recommend them perhaps for gift-giving or entertaining (or adding to your personal chocolate stash).


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  1. Zoe

    The bloom on those could be a clue as to why they tasted ‘spiked’. Looks like somebody’s let them get too warm and the fillings may have gone a bit off?

  2. naeil

    how can i order for this choc. ?

  3. chocolate covered marzipan with orange filling


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