Damaged Double Decker

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MillyMoo gives her opinion from Down Under of a rather squashed Cadbury Double Decker

My gorgeous work mate Jessie recently rather selfishly decided to return back ‘home’ to England with her hubby so that her (so far) un-born baby could be raised as a hopeless cricketer who bathes on only days beginning with ‘sun’.Despite her unfortunate decision, Jessie understood that my love of chocolate and the never-ending quest to try any new types are my reasons for existence. As such, she excitedly emailed to tell me that I just had to try the Cadbury Double Decker bar which is curiously not available here in Australia.

A few days later, a little air-mailed parcel arrived. With my hands trembling with anticipation, I opened it, to discover this gorgeous package:

Cadbury Double Decker

It promised me the world: Cadbury milk chocolate, nougatine (I assume that means soft nougat as opposed to the teeth-shattering variety), caramel and crispy cereal pieces (sort of like rice bubbles?). When it came to opening up the bar, my heart sank, for what I unpeeled was this car-crash of a confectioners’ nightmare:

Cadbury Double Decker

It may not be in the best focus, but please excuse that due to my disappointed sobs making my hands unsteady and tears fogging up the lens. I could only surmise that ‘our’ little-big-man Jonathan Coleman had accidentally sat on it during his flight back from his UK radio stint. Despite that lingering and rather unsavoury mental image, I was still determined to try it – one never looks a gift chocolate in the mouth and Jessie’s judgment has always been reliable when it comes to chocolates (amongst other things). Besides, looks aren’t everything – as Jonathon Coleman himself would attest.

Lucky for Double Decker because what it lacked in looks and presentation it more than made up for in taste. The chocolate is still the distinctly milky sweet Cadbury we all know and love and the melted nougatine stuff had a pleasantly chewy texture tasting faintly of coffee and burnt toffee (in a nice way). As I write this, I’m hoping that those two flavours are naturally in the bar and not as a result of Jonathon Coleman’s rear-end adding extra ambience….

Surprisingly too, the crunchy bits were still crunchy and the thin caramel layer was intact and gorgeously sticky. I could quite easily understand why Jessie is inhaling these as part of her motherhood preparations and won’t be surprised if her first born is called something like Dudley Dexter or Dorothy Debra out of respect. This is the kind of chocolate I’d take along to watch the Adelaide Crows Football team on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Or maybe four – one for each quarter of play.

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