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This particular bar is made in Italy and is a brand owned by the Sugar Company. As you can se, the metallic box with it’s somewhat abstract artwork and textured finish puts it firmly into the ‘Posh chocs’ department.

According to the (thankfully available in English) website Cuorenero is produced only with finos, the finest cocoa varieties from the plantations of Latin America (Santo Domingo, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Antilles, etc.). Finos are the premium cocoa beans and are produced from the Trinitario or Criollo variety of cocoa trees.

This particular bar has 60% cocoa chocolate with 14% dried kiwi fruit pieces. My only previous experience of Kiwi fruit and chocolate is Anton Berg’s Kiwi discs, so I was quite intrigued to find out what a bar with a relatively high proportion of fruit would taste like.

The chocolate is (of course) a good dark colour with lots of fruity, citrussy aromas, some of which were definitely cocoa based. On the tongue the initial taste is very dark, burnt sugar and rich deep cocoa notes, immediately softened as the kiwi pieces are released.

The Kiwi fruit in this bar has been freeze dried, and so there’s quite a difference in texture between the smooth, rich chocolate and the hard, chewy pieces of kiwi fruit. As the chocolate melts away, you get a very light, sweet, fruit taste which intensifies as the cocoa disappears and you’re left with a collection of Kiwi pieces to chew. It’s quite ‘bitty’ (after all, kiwis have all of those seeds), rather like a Toblerone but with fruity inclusions as opposed to nuts or nougat. It’s definitely an unusual bar, and I found myself tucking into it with a mixture of intrigue and gusto.

There’s tons of lovely dark cocoa tastes to tantalise the palate, enough to make me wish I’d bought one of their ‘plain’ chocolate bars as well.


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  1. dark chocolate with kiwi fruit pieces.. mmm… can’t wait to try that!

  2. deborah oughton

    is it possible to know the stockists?

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Looking at the web site, it seems that they do usually sell this online but their online shop appears to be offline until October 15.

  4. Hmm, the Whittaker’s Kiwi pieces were rather easy to chew/dissolve; probably because they also had apple puree in them.

  5. Maggie

    Sounds lovely, will definitely give it a go!

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