Côte d’Or Milk Chocolate Pecan

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Cote D’Or Milk Chocolate Pecan

I seem to find myself returning to the world of Côte d’Or with frightening regularity. They make some damned fine products, and I think I’ve developed a sixth sense for their packaging.

Anyway, a few months back when I was in Brussels, I spied this bar sitting among a selection of (already sampled) Côte d’Or products. It was pretty obvious that this was a product that is (as yet, fingers crossed) unavailable in the UK. The lack of English on the box, coupled with my extensive knowledge of the existing range was enough to bring on the New Chocolate Fever.

Now pecans just happen to be my second favourite nuts ever (after macadamias, of which more another time) so it didn’t take long before I was walking out of the shop with this little prize.

Cote D’Or Milk Chocolate Pecan

Although the majority of my reviews still centre around the Dark Stuff, I’m not averse to good quality milk chocolate, and I was pretty confident that this one would deliver. And I was right. It’s creamy, soft, milky and delicious, and I was both surprised and delighted to find that the pecans had been lightly caramelised prior to their inclusion in the bar, giving them a delightfully crispy texture

Of course, there is a generous nut-to-choc ratio (the trend seems to be to cram as many nuts/cherries/raisins into a bar as possible) and so you get a lovely mouthful of nutty, choccy crispiness. The chocolate works wonderfully with the pecans (assuming you like pecans, of course) and being Continental I was spared the ridiculous ‘product may contain nuts’ warning.

Lovely stuff – please release it into the UK, Mr. d’Or.

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  1. Wow, your pick looks just like the package! I love pecans and they do go very well with good milk chocolate.

  2. JR

    This used to be for sale in Tescos but was withdrawn a couple of years ago (a good thing for my weight, but a bad thing for my sanity). I’ve just come back from a holiday in France, where you can still buy this chocolate (and obviously I did). It also comes as a dark chocolate form, which is inferior in my opinion – the milk choc works so much better with those caramelised pecans – yum! Please can someone sell it in the UK!!!

  3. Tara

    Any idea if this is for sale in the UK now?? – it’s sooooooooooooooo good!!

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