Côte D’Or Truffé Face-Off

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Côte D’Or TrufféHaving enjoyed pitting two Dark chocolate and ginger bars against each other, I was very pleased to see that these two were on offer at my local supermarket. In the interests of research (and to save Chocablog having to pay twice) may I present our contenders?

In the Dark Brown corner:

Côte D’Or Spécialités Truffé Noir

and in the Light Brown corner:

Côte D’Or Spécialités Truffé Milk.

Côte D’Or (part of the Kraft Empire) is, allegedly, Belgium’s favourite chocolate, and the packages (which are almost identical) make sure the consumer knows that they’re serious about their choccy, promising ‘rich, indulgent flavours, seductive aromas and smooth, refined textures’.

Interestingly enough, there is only a 10% cocoa content difference between the milk and the dark version of these bars. The milk bar has 34% cocoa, the Dark 44%.

Côte D’Or Truffé

Of course, both bars are made in exactly the same shape, divided laterally into long fingers with ample ‘snapping space’ between each stick of filled chocolate, which are of course embossed with the Côte D’Or name.
So which one wins the taste test?

First of all I tried a piece of the Milk Bar. It is very smooth indeed, creamy and light and with a delightful sweetness to the filling that makes it extremely moreish in spite of its richness. The truffle filling melted away and left me wanting more almost immediately. very tasty.

Côte D’Or TrufféSo it was with great delight that I took a bite of the Dark bar, but this time I’m afraid the Dark Side didn’t do it for me. The chocolate does have that bitter tang, but the filling didn’t really do anything special to compliment the chocolate flavour, it just kind of sat there with the chocolate. I put this down to a lack of extra sweetness in the filling, which seemed to give the Milk Bar that little extra lift. The Dark bar is tasty, don’t get me wrong, but in this situation I found myself thinking that the Milk bar just had the more interesting flavour.

These bars were on sale in my local Sainsbury – go grab a couple for yourself and see what you think.

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  1. kady

    im sorry if this is late and its old news, but did u know this site got mentioned in the times2 part of The times newspaper the other day? i was casually reading it the other day and in the part where it has 2 interesting websites, chocablog was there..with a comment about the interesting things u review, and i was like “hey! i know that blog!”

  2. Simon

    Me personally or the site in general?

    Excellent news for chocolate lovers everywhere, IMHO, and thank you for drawing our/my attention to it.

  3. kady

    site in general

  4. Mary Zimmerman

    Côte D’Or Spécialités Truffé Noir

    I was recently in Europe and purchased this candy bar. I would like to find out how I can purchase these candy bars. I love it, thanks for your help, MZ

  5. Jon

    I have been addicted to Côte D’Or Spécialités Truffé Noir, but it is increasingly difficult to get hold of it – it’s either often sold out at our local Tesco or they are not stocking enough.

    Any one know where it can be bought online for direct delivery?

  6. Quinn

    I tend to find it at Waitrose.

    If you shop where I shop, you might be unlucky as I tend to buy 10 bars+ per visit. (I do try to leave some for other customers – at least 5 – I figure if nobody else can try it, they wont ever know that they like it, and they might not tell their friends and then the shop might stop stocking it…. We can’t let that happen!).

    As Waitrose is (was?) a major shareholder in Ocado, I suspect that you can get it online at the Ocado site.


  7. George Pittom

    I have for some time now always been able to buy Lindt Cote D’or Specialities Truffle Dark bars at Waitrose in Camberley.But they no longer have it on their product lists. Can you please let me know where I can purchase these? I live in Bracknell Berkshire.
    Thank you

    George Pittom

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