Côte d’Or ‘Experiences’ Milk & Caramelised Almond

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Cote d’Or ‘Experiences’ Milk & Caramelised Almond

This is the second ‘nutty’ Côte d’Or bar I have tasted (the Pecan bar being my first) and I have to say I was a little disappointed.

The chocolate is okay I suppose. Milk chocolate, creamy, a little on the sweet side for my tastes, fairly unremarkable but edible enough. The ‘filling’ is just a little, well, dull really. Unlike the pecan bar, which was positively groaning with chunks of caramelised pecan nut, this one is shot through with chips of almond which, to be honest, I found a little annoying. Instead of an almond or even a decent sized piece of almond, I found my mouth being assailed by tiny fragments of the stuff.

Now, I happen to quite like almonds, but it’s a little like eating nuts at Christmas – overdo the mouthful and you find yourself lumbered with a load of bits that just don’t seem to want to go down. Once the chocolate had gone, I was left with a mouthful of pieces whose sole aim seemed to be to lodge themselves in every nook and cranny available to them, and that’s just annoying.

I think Côte d’Or should stop messing about and let the UK’s chocolate lovers have a go on the Pecan bar. This, I’m afraid, isn’t much to write home about and should be consigned to the ‘Failures’ archive. It’s a very average bar with delusions of grandeur, and for the money there are loads of alternatives which offer a good deal more in the way of taste.

Sorry, Côte d’Or. Not a winner with me at all.

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