CocoaVia Original Bars

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There are a lot of strange things on the shelves these days. Although I’m all for organic or raw chocolate, “healthy” chocolate is another story. So I picked up this box more out of curiosity than anything else. The chocolate here was made using Mars Botanicals’ proprietary “Cocoapro” process, which is designed to retain cocoa flavanols, to benefit circulation.

There are five thin bars, each with four pieces. The chocolate’s coloring is very dark. It’s no wonder the box says these are made by the same people as Dove (Galaxy in the UK): that’s exactly what it reminded me of. Thick, smooth, very chocolatey. But I’ve always thought there’s something odd about this. It’s incedibly smooth, but not fine. It’s chocolatey, but of a processed, impure kind, to my view. One of these 22 gram bars comes out to a dollar. That’s a little steep. The overall taste is enjoyable, but odd, so not very amazing.

They’re nice, but the size of them makes it tempting to just eat all five bars like popcorn, defeating the “healthful” purpose. And I can’t help but wonder if a purer, rather than specifically devoped, chocolate wouldn’t be more salutary.


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  1. Penny

    Was buying this at WalMart, and now cant find it anywhere Phx. Az

  2. patty

    my friend and I love cocoavia candy bars . It has been along time since we have had some . We live in the east part of the valley. where is cocoavia candy bars ? We have not been able to find any for some time.

  3. I have tried the CocoaVia bars and I must say they are just amazing. They taste simply out-of-the-world.

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