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Given my other decent chocolate purchase at Costco, I allowed this box to take me in. The picture looked tempting, but the rest of the design isn’t the greatest. Probably given the fact that the company (Les Delices d’Ellezelles) is a random, wholesale chocolate maker that I could find nothing else about. Even finding the name on the box was hard enough.

Inside are two separate wrapped trays. Not the nicest looking, but it will keep the chocolate fresh if forty-eight squares are too many for you to eat quickly. I was glad to find that the squares looked mostly as perfect as in the picture. some uneven sprinkling of sugar crystals and one was actually upside down, but they looked decent. This is another Belgian company, which must describe why the aroma was so much like Belfine.

Dark chocolate with a soft cinnamon filling like mousse and hazlenu pieces on top. Cinnamon is the stronger taste, lending a nice flavor.

White chocolate with Bourbon filling. It both smells and tastes like Frosted Animal cookies. Despite that randomness, it has a delicate creaminess and can even be a little creme brulee reminiscent with the sugar crystals.

Milk chocolate with perhaps the smoothest coffee cream filling of the bunch. This one had a definate Belfine taste, but with coffee.

Dark chocolate with passionfruit filling. I have small experience with passionfruit, but it wasn’t my favorite. Instead of complimenting each other, both the odd dark chocolate and fruit flabors jump out and attack. It has an almost bitter pucker to it.

Milk chocolate and hazlenut filling. The hazelnut comes in about halfway, feeling very fresh. It wasn’t hard for this one to gain my approval.

White chocolate and caramel filling, which I was most curious to try. The flavor reminded me of kettle corn somehow, though that’s by no means what it tastes like. Just reminded me of. It was a very thoughtful chocolate.

Citron Vert
Milk chocolate and lime filling. I was also looking forward to this one. The cream is an enchanting light green color, but the lime flavor felt too strong. Its tart taste combined with the sweet milk chocolate becomes rather sickly.

Dark chocolate and Bergamot filling. I still don’t like the dark chocolate, but it’s better with this rich, almost tangy inside.

This isn’t a spectacular value at all. Ten dollars for forty-eight slighty bigger than quarter-size chocolates is fine, but not special. The chocolates themselves are fairly average. I enjoyed the canelle, vanilla, cafe, noisette and caramel. That’s all. Not all palates around me were as picky, though, so I imagine these would be good for entertaining as the box suggests. They’re pretty, plentiful, and edible. But not worth extended attention.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up — they do look lovely but good to know I won’t be buying a large quantity to find out for myself that they’re average at best.

  2. Thanks a lot for this breakdown, I saw these at Costco last week and was tempted and am glad that I resisted the temptation!

  3. kira

    i found this review astonishly INNCORRECT. i love these chocolates. i reccomend trying them cause everyone has different likes and dislikes.

  4. G

    I agree with kira. These chocolates are VERY GOOD!

  5. i thought they were the most delicious and fun things imaginable, the flavored varied along with the pics and description and therefore made it a fun thing to taste test with my friends! i found it to be a true delicacy!

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