Belfine Filled Belgian Chocolates

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Sometimes you can find good things at Costco. But, accompanying the low prices, the quality is often comparable. So when I saw this bag of over a pound for seven dollars, I knew it could go either way. But I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the bag just in case it turned out to be a winner.

It bothers me that the bag says “Belgian quality” all over, but it is a Belgian company, with Belfine being a ChocDecor brand. Which explains all the flowers and bugs on tops. There are sixty-six mousse-filled chocolates, but a very uneven dividing up amongst the kinds. Forty-eight blue, fifteen yellow, and an amazing three green. I wish they would actually count them to make this at least a little more even.

Frankly, though, I think these chocolates are cute. The size and shape of their wrappers made me think of party favors.

The yellow is milk chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and a white chocolate flower, which has a dark chocolate center. As I tasted it and began to analyze it, all those ideas fell away. The only word I wanted to use was “delicious.” The chocolate has a unique, slightly nutty flavor. Often, a milk and white combo can go ill, but it works here. It’s very creamy, but not sickly at all.

The green is essentially the same thing, with a chocolate mousse inside as well. It seemed like it might be a slightly darker milk chocolate, but they’re probably the same.

The blue is dark chocolate with vanilla mousse and a white chocolate butterfly with a milk body. I’m really not too fond of the dark chocolate used: it’s a bit of the dark and heavy kind. But with all of the flavors combined, I’m reminded of a fudge I make with chocolate chips and condensed milk. The vanilla taste leads, closely followed by the dark, with the white coming in next.

My biggest complaint? Take some of those forty-eight blues and exchange them for yellows. I prefered them because they were less average. This isn’t a big “winner,” but it’s definately worth trying if you see it. Especially in such a big bag. That’s enough to get any chocoholic excited.


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