Butlers Honeycomb Crisp Milk Chocolate

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From the self-styled Irish ‘Purveyors of Happiness‘ comes this 32% cocoa milk chocolate bar with both honeycomb bits AND crisped rice (10% and 5% respectively). Not normally my cup of tea, but I found myself quietly appreciating it as I ate my first chunk. Moreso the second, and definitely the third.

You see, the chocolate itself isn’t spectacularly different from any other milk chocolate, but the major difference here is the texture. Not only is the honeycomb light and VERY crispy, but the addition of cisped rice gives the bar and extra dimension of crispiness. The rice adds a lighter, less sweet crispy element, which serves to make a square of this chocolate bar eminently munchable.

The chocolate is sweet, with a good, rounded flavour, but of course the sweetness of both chocolate and honeycomb precludes any serious appreciation of whatever cocoa Butlers chose for this bar.

I can see this bar appealing to adults and kids alike, but I’m willing to bet that adults who buy this won’t be thinking of their offspring when they do – far too good for kids, but a definite treat for the bigger kids among us. Particularly those with a bit of a sweet tooth.


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