Chocolat Factory Pocket Tube

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Chocolat Factory Pocket Tube

Here’s something a little unusual from Spain’s Chocolat Factory – a tube of ‘beanbits and cocoa’.

I believe I have mentioned Chocolat Factory’s award winning packaging in previous reviews, and this is certainly a great use for a cigar tube. Inside this large aluminium sausage you will find 70g of cocoa nib pieces with a shiny cocoa based coating (presumably to keep them fresh and stop them clumping together.

Chocolat Factory Pocket Tube

Pop a few of these in your mouth an the dark bittersweet coating starts to melt, teasing the palate with rich, tangy cocoa flavours. Bite down on the pieces and the slightly crunchy cocoa nibs start to release their softer, nuttier, more rounded flavours. The nibs are bursting with natural cocoa flavour and are quite frankly irresistible. Whether you leave them in your mouth to let the coating melt or just chew away at them, these little nibs are a delight for the palate.

A warning to you all – these are ridiculously moreish. This is one of those deceptive little products that has you reaching for the tube for ‘just a couple more’ again and again until you discover that you have to tilt the tube that little bit further and then it’s all over. I love cocoa nibs, and those devious Spaniards have managed to come up with a package that just lends itself perfectly to repetitive nibbling. Outrageously addictive and utterly delicious.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that Chocolat Factory doesn’t yet have UK distribution, but Summer is coming, and if any of you fly into Spain there’s a good chance you’ll come across a Chocolat Factory shop at the airport or one of the major cities. Check out the website for more product details and locations.

I have yet to sample a Chocolat Factory product which didn’t make me smile AND set my mouth watering. They’re creating some very interesting products and I’m sure it won’t be too long before they stop being a well kept secret and go global.

(I’m not sure which pocket I’d slip the tube into though. Might be a case of “Have you been to Chocolat Factory, or are you just pleased to see me?”)


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  1. Carolanne Clyde

    You are evil… going through that heavenly discription and then telling me i cant have it in the UK.

    *Wipes Drool From The Keyboard*

  2. What a great idea – apart from ‘Yep, I’m REALLY pleased to see you’ jokes, they’ll also be protected from melting. Plus the packaging looks gorgeous.

  3. What a great idea! Perfect for carrying in the purse for a small chocolate fix on the go. I want one!

  4. river

    Oooh! I love cocoa nibs! Must be time for me to make another visit to Haighs factory here in Adelaide.

  5. Chocolates from Chocolat Factory are great in design but chocolate itself is regular chocolate.

    You can have better chocolate from a real “chocolatier”

    Greetings from Spain

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