Chococo Cherry & Amaretti Clusters

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Chococo Cherry & Amaretti Clusters

Christmas is nearly upon us, and if you’re looking for some last minute festive chocolate treats, you can’t really go wrong with Chococo. And what better time to try them – after 11 years in Swanage, this week, Claire & Andy Burnett opened their second shop in Winchester.

But even if you can’t get to Hampshire or Dorset, you can still get your hands on some fabulous festive gifts via their website.

Chococo Cherry & Amaretti Clusters

These little clusters, for instance, are particulalry moreish. Made with dried cherry & Italian amaretti biscuits covered in 70% Grenadan dark chocolate, they’re insanely crunchy and tangy. In fact, they’re almost more biscuit than they are chocolate.

Chococo Cherry & Amaretti Clusters

What I like best about them is that they’re not too sweet. The 70% chocolate is the perfect counterpoint to the slightly sour cherry, so despite being quite difficult to stop eating, they never get sickly… and you always want just one more.

With the help of a friend, I managed to demolish this 100g bag in no time at all. They’re the perfect stocking filler this Christmas – but that could be said for just about everything Chococo make.


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