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Choccreate is another of the make-your-own chocolate bar companies, all of whom seem to be named with the oh-so-original prefix “choc.” But after all, it is your own creativity that is supposed to reign in these cases. When Choccreate invited me to choose from their selection, I designed one bar each in white, milk, and dark. They arrived in a pretty brown and pink striped and ribboned box, complete with a clear hinged lid that easily allows you to see your creations. Not only is it exciting to see your handiwork so bedecked; this also lends well for gifting them.

The first I made into a breakfast-style bar: white chocolate with granola, nutmeg, dried papaya, and raw pistachios. All the various colors are well spread out on the surface, despite my texture-heavy arrangement.

Perhaps more commendable is how the milk bar (which I call the Fiesta Bar) was carried out. Carefully placed cheddar Goldfish swim in a sea with waves of pepitas amid sprinklings of curry powder, with tortilla chips embedded inside the depths of chocolate. It all fits, and my flavors/textures do work, in that semi-adventurous way.

With the dark bar, I aimed for luxury, impressed that Choccreate most definitely has ingredients for this. The granulated honey wasn’t too detectable in the end, but the candied rose petals look lovely as they add their rose-and-sugar-crystal taste. The third element I added was edible 23-k gold flakes because I decided it was simply time I had some golden chocolate. The gold will add a bit more cost to your bar, but what’s better than not having to choose between chocolate and a precious metal? Even as small flakes, the gold is quite visible. And no, it won’t add a metal taste to the bar.

Choccreate is no different than other such companies in that the chocolate is not special: it is only the glue for the personality you project onto its surface. I will say this: I had fun “making” these bas and they arrived with enough style for gift-giving.


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  1. Wow, they really DO look like an exact replica of Chocri. I wonder which came first?

    PS I did roasted almonds, candied rose petals and real gold flakes in my chocri bar – great minds???!

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