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Chocri is a German company that lets you create custom chocolate bars. Choose from a white, milk or dark chocolate base, then add up to five toppings from a selection of over 100. Chocri’s web site claims that makes over 27 billion potential combinations, and who am I to argue?

The process of designing your bar is fun and straightforward. The web site is very simple to use and makes it a pleasure to create your perfect bar. You can even give your bars a name and have it appear on the front of the pack, but imaginative names aren’t my strong point, and I skipped that step.

I went for a milk chocolate bar with caramel chocolate drops, nougat, rice crispies, toffee and cookie crumbs, a dark chocolate bar with ginger, raspberry and some writing, and a white chocolate bar.

The white chocolate bar was a bit different. I wanted to see just how disturbing I could make it – and if I’d get any warnings about my lack of taste and decency. I went for chives, gummy bears, chilli pepper, goji berries and soy bacon.

No, really…

Chocri dutifully went ahead and made the bar to my specifications, but strangely, I can’t quite bring myself to open it. Even looking at it makes me a little queasy.

The other bars look pretty good though.

It’s important to note that this needs to be treated as confectionery rather than fine chocolate. Chocri do use real chocolate (no nasty added vegetable fats), but it’s not the highest quality.

Still, the taste is pretty good. I don’t know how much of the process of making the bars is automated, and how much is done by hand, but I was impressed by the way all the bars turned out. Having so much fine chocolate in the house as it is, it’s not the kind of thing I’d particularly go for myself, but it’s fun, decent quality and well made.

I do have a minor issue with the fact that these bars are made to order in Germany and shipped over. That’s not the cheapest or most environmentally friendly way to buy your chocolate, but for a one-off gift, I guess it’s not a major issue. It’s certainly a unique and fun gift for the kids – or with a bit of help, for the kids to send personalised chocolate to their friends and relatives, particularly with Christmas approaching fast.


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  1. Sam

    HA! I want to hear the thoughts on the white chocolate creation! =P

    Seems like a pretty cool and novel something to add on top of something else for the perfect birthday combination.

  2. Rowena

    Dom..hurry up and give us the feed back on your gummy+goji+soybacon+chives+chilli bar.. hahaha… don’t waste it..

  3. LB

    I ordered the chocolates from them on Feb 11th. I asked them a few weeks later where is my order and I get a response saying that order was just shipped from Germany and I should get it within a week (that makes it 3 weeks for shipping).

    I told them I am not interested anymore since they are taking longer than they promised. I get a response saying they will cancel my order, give me full refund.

    Somehow, they were able to cancel the order, but no refund. It is now Mar 22.
    I just paid them 20$ for nothing.

    I wouldn’t go back to them again.

  4. Carol

    Unfortunately I also experienced incredibly slow delivery from Chocri. They do warn to allow time as your selection is made up to your exact specifications and delivery time from Germany. Take those times and multiply them by three!

    On a positive note, it was nice and would make an unusual gift.

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