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Chocolate, cherry, chili. Chocolate, honey, green tea. Chocolate and you name it, it probably exists somewhere. But getting your hands on just the flavor combination you want isn’t always the easiest. So along came Adeline Rem, who wanted people to be able to have chocolate their way.

Chocbite lets you choose between black, dark, milk, and white chocolate, then select up to five toppings. There really is quite a variety, from candies to nuts to toasted corn and spicy mango. Traditional or adventurous, you’re covered. (Chocbite also lets you choose from a few already-put-together bars if you can’t choose, but where’s the fun in that?)


It was all very exciting sitting down to choose my sample bar. But there’s a reason why I eat chocolate, not make it: coming up with the right flavor combinations out of the blue isn’t one of my skills. So instead of getting experimental, I went for the more fun combinations. The first is a milk chocolate with banana chips, Reese’s Pieces, and maple sugar. The second is black chocolate with espresso, cacao almonds, and Cocoa Pebbles.

As you can see, the three ounce bars come in clear boxes to showcase “your” creation. A list on the back reminds you what the toppings are. Because the Chocbite logo has, well, a bite, so do the bars. The obverse side holds the toppings, while the reverse is marked into squares. There are a lot of tiny air bubbles, but it is handmade.

These are pretty thick, which will prove a good thing the more toppings go on. The milk chocolate is okay. It borders on the plasticy; its flavor reminds me of Maramor’s probiotics chocolate. A little nutty with a middle-range sweetness. Nothing much on its own, but it’s not meant to be on its own, is it? The maple sugar doesn’t add to the flavor, but the peanut and banana flavors make for an enjoyable bar. I’ve never had banana chips with chocolate before; they’re a bit stronger and tangier of a compliment than I’d like, but also a simple way to get banana chocolate.


The black chocolate I like more than the milk. Black is a fitting name for it. It’s dark, chocolaty, constant in its flavor, with just a hint of bitter spice. You may be wondering what cacao almonds are. My own wondering is what led me to choose them. They’re regular almonds covered in cocoa powder or some other such chocolaty concoction. And they’re great. I really wish there were more than six. The Cocoa Pebbles add texture in between them (perfect if you want crunch to your bar), and the espresso was a very minor actor. I’m more pleased with my choice of this bar than I’d expected. The first was good and sweet; this one is good and chocolaty.

With Build-A-Bear for stuffed animals, kiosks at Disneyland to put together Mickey Mouse ears, and stores for designing your own flip flops, why shouldn’t chocolate follow the trend? More than allowing you to have chocolate your way, Chocbite is for fun. Move along if you’re not interested, get to choosing if you are.


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  1. Such variety as Chocbite offers is rare. I knew they had many different types of toppings but reading about their mango flavor for the first time. I use to munch at the cocoa pebbles too but I don’t see them often. I like them in a jar so I can dip my hands into them as I work and also in many colors; making them look like candies. When it comes to bars I like them dark though my associates seem to think that white chocolate is becoming quite the favorite of many.

  2. Adz

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed the CHOCbite bars, Deanna. And, yes, you discovered that CHOCbite is for fun!

    Although mixing up some of the flavours is scary for some, the outcome is almost always delicious! It’s just a matter of finding your CHOCbite personality.

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