Maramor Premium Milk & Dark Chocolate With Probiotics

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Maramor Premium Milk & Dark Chocolate With Probiotics

As Dom recently pointed out, chocolates that promote health benefits more than anything else are often just digging for selling points. Too often, their stand-alone quality is lacking. So though I love getting chocolate in the mail, I started going passive instead of excited seeing the chart on the back of these boxes that compares their probiotic survival rate to that of yogurt.

But at least this is different from just promoting chocolate as generically healthy. The fact that it’s chocolate is secondary in this case. It seems that the University of Ghent in Belgium did an experiment that showed chocolate to let you take in 80% of probiotics, while milk and yogurts were only 20%. What are probiotics? I’ve always known them as the opposite of antibiotics. Instead of trying to get rid of the bad bacteria, you strengthen the good. So they help with the immune system and digestion.

Maramor Premium Milk & Dark Chocolate With Probiotics

Each of these boxes is a two-week supply. That’s one fourteen gram bar a day. Presumably, you don’t want to be eating more when it’s for health benefits. The rectangles are marked into four not to give you lines to break the chocolate along, but to make it look bigger. At least, that looks like the function to me. The milk chocolate isn’t bad; it tastes Belgian, nutty and creamy. Not overly sweet or anything; just right. It’s greasy, though, oh horror. At least if you’re sticking to the fourteen grams, there won’t be that much grease to build up.

The dark chocolate is in the same plain packaging, just a little bit darker-colored. As usual, I’m either tougher on the dark or it’s tougher to get right. The first time, I didn’t even want to finish the small bar. Later, it was okay. It’s pretty sweet (hence the brand name SweetLife?), but maybe not in an overwhelming way. It falls in with the average dark chocolate crowd.

So… if you’re looking for a way to get probiotics, by all means, give the Maramor (an Ohio-based company) line a try. If you like having chocolate as part of your diet, but want to be getting something else out of it, these would be good. At $15 per box, don’t get them solely for the taste.


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