Cadbury Mighty Perky Nana

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Cadbury Mighty Perky Nana

I think the name says everything here. I don’t need to write a review. But I’m going to anyway. First off, that name. Seriously, Cadbury. I called my grandmother “nana”. I can’t say I ever called her “mighty perky nana” though. They’re not usually words I associate with elderly family members. But just looking at the words on the wrapper makes me feel slightly queazy. *shudder*

Despite the more-than-questionable name, you can probably guess what this bar from Cadnury in New Zealand consists of…

Cadbury Mighty Perky Nana

Yes, Mighty Perky Nana is that cheap, foamy banana flavoured candy covered in Dairy Milk. It’s very similar to the Casali Schoko-Banane XL bar from Austria I reviewed back in 2008. Unlike the Austrian bar however, this one does not list any real banana on the ingredients.

Something else that distinguishes this “Kiwi classic” from the Austrian bar is the fact that it’s God-awful. The artificial chewy, foamy centre is alright in its own way, but it clashes horribly with the Dairy Milk chocolate. It’s like that nasty taste you get if you try drinking tea straight after brushing your teeth. The slight creaminess of the chocolate just jars horribly with the tangy fake banana. Gah. Either the banana or the milk chocolate has to go, and frankly I’d rather have the chewy banana.

I’ll be honest with you, I pretty much knew what to expect when I bought this. But I had to buy it simply because of the name. Maybe that’s how they manage to sell them at all. It can’t be because of the Mighty Perky Nana TV ads…


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  1. Sometimes it’s best NOT to read the ingredients listed on the wrapper;) I do look forward to a delectable review of that chocolate cake though!

  2. Ashleigh

    I just watched the ad. It reminded me of the Milky Bar Kid ads from when I was about 8.

    I think I can stop throwing up now.

  3. Amy

    Shouldn’t it be “Mighty Perky Narna”? LOL

    It doesn’t look that appealing to be honest. I love real chocolate covered bananas (especially dark chocolate) but something was definitely lost in translation when they make fake banana confections because they always taste God awful. That said does anyone else remember those foamy banana chews from the penny mix bins?

  4. Interesting, I would have thought those two flavors would go perfect together. I wish we could get Cadbury products like this in the States, even if they aren’t very good.

  5. Taylor

    I actually don’t mind these… It’s not something that I would choose regularly, but they’re not that bad… I don’t know why they put the perky thing there, but it’s never made ME think of an old person…

  6. Greg

    This bar would have to be the worst bit of rubbish confection I have ever had the misfortune to be given to try, Unfortunately it is somewhat typical of the junk coming from the profit desperate large confectioners these days. At a bit over $1.00 for 22g this is about $5.00 per 100g, you can buy some of the best chocolate or confection in the world for that, made from real quality ingredients! With mostly wheat glucose and sugar and about 4% cocoa solids the estimated cost of production would be well under 10c per bar (more like 5c) Nice work Cadbury, How do they get away with it? The power of marketing I guess?

  7. Wow harsh Americans.I love perkynanas and alot of people love them and I’m a kiwi!

  8. chris

    nana come from BA-nana!!! When I was a little kid (I am a kiwi) I vaguely remember bananas being called ‘nanas.
    They are not half as bad as the reviewer says they are!!! In fact – I love them!

  9. Colonel

    Another kiwi here, yeah they’re not the best candy we have to offer – but they ain’t that bad…
    But given America’s taste in candy they would be something unusual to your taste buds, what’s up with all the cinnamon in American candy, when I was a kid on a trip to the US I had to give half the candy away because it was unpalatable…

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