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It is always too easy to mock and dismiss Cadbury chocolate as it’s been around forever, is always affordable, predictable, safe and reliable and has about as much personality and flavour thrills as a bathroom tile.

Therefore, I wasn’t too excited when I saw their ‘Eight Moments’ 100g blocks, automatically dismissing them as a cynical way to repackage the same old same old product in the hope of earning them a few more pennies. However, like all true chocophiles, when something new and chocolatey is on special, it is always the right time to try them. Unfortunately, my Chocoboss Dom tells me that he’s already tried the UK version in Praline and Dark but hadn’t seen the ‘velvety milk’ one there.

Velvety Milk is essentially Cadbury Dairy Milk (24% cocoa content) with a softer, more buttery centre. But here’s the kicker – it really honestly truly does taste more, well, velvety, dissolving quicker than Amy Winehouse’s resolve.

There’s no fresh ‘snap’ that poncy choco-gourmands tell you to expect from top notch chocolate. Instead it’s more of a gentle ‘thock’ which told my less poncy taste buds that what was to come would be exceptionally soft and creamy. The taste too was slightly richer and creamier than their Dairy Milk, yet not wandering too far off the different taste spectrum but no, I don’t know why or what ingredient or amount they’ve changed to make it so melty and decadent. ‘Melty and decadent’, who ever thought that those two words would apply to Dairy Milk?

The Indulgently Praline initially interested me even less than ‘Velvety Milk’ because I’m just not a big hazelnut and milk chocolate fan. Dom’s review also stated that it had an undefinable fake taste that caused him to believe that there were better praline versions out there. Nevertheless, it too was half price and worth a try and boy, am I glad that I did. Inside is the expected buttery praline paste-like stuff available the world over, but this also had some finely chopped hazelnuts and tiny crunchy pieces of caramel coating which was very nicely done. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that this is the nicest milk-n-hazelnut chocolate combination I’ve ever had. So there, Dom!

I’ve now learned that Cadbury still has the capacity to make something extra special and I shouldn’t automatically scoff and dismiss their stuff until I’ve given them a try. Well done Cadbury and I hope these two blocks stay in your range for a long time to come.


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  1. alan

    we get these in the uk as Mrlts and yes we do get the velvety milk one…i kinda feel you were abit harsh with your view on cadbury chocolate..its been around forever because its great chocolate and i don’t think ive ever met anyone who has mocked it…also the whole ‘predictable, safe… as much personality and flavour as abthroom tile?! lol i don’t think many would agree with that atall lol very odd :S

  2. Alan, ‘very odd’ is one of the nicer things I’ve been called! 🙂

  3. wow.. eating moments Cadbury Chocolate just now.. really love it.. so sweets..
    eat one, want more..

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