Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts Berry Pannacotta

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The Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts range has been around for about three years now and has either been a definite Yay or a Nay. It’s been no surprise to notice that their tragic versions of desserts such as lemon cheesecake, boysenberry shortcake and fudge brownie aren’t crowding the shelves, but their pretty good Crème Brulee and Tiramisu are still around and selling well.

Then I spotted this new one:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts Berry Pannacotta

Cadbury have decided to follow Nestlé, who have in turn copied Cocoa Farm and Lindt by now packaging their blocks in slim, thin cardboard boxes. What Cadbury have done that is becoming increasingly typical, unfortunately, is sell this block at the same price as their other 250 gram blocks, despite only being 210 grams.

Usually, the argument for slightly downsizing something is due to the ingredients being more expensive to obtain and therefore rather than increase the price and upset their customers, they decrease the size so that whilst it looks the same as the other varieties, you’re actually getting less for your money.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts Berry Pannacotta

However, when you open the pack, you can see the usual, familiar filled squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk which, on the ingredients panel, makes up seventy percent of the total block. The remaining thirty percent is the ‘berry pannacotta flavoured filling.’ Oh, so the berries and the pannacotta mix must be unusual or a bit expensive, then?

Not according to the pack. The ingredients – in order of volume, are milk, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, milk solids, cocoa mass, etc, with the chocolate itself containing a fairly low 21% cocoa solids. I don’t see anything here that constitutes an expensive ingredient – surely ‘vege fat’ isn’t a budget-breaker?

Perhaps my niggling over the invisible 40 grams (the size of an individual bar) is minor but it’s not as uncommon as you think. But how does this taste?

Really nice, darn it all. Yes, it’s just a fluffy pink blob of strawberry-ish filling inside that’s been flavoured with who-knows-what kind of artificial chemical components, but with the classic Dairy Milk chocolate it’s sweet, seductive and results in making you automatically snap off row after row to chomp, suck and swallow; not a sensible square after square.

And, darn it twice, but if I *did* happen to lose all sense and reason and control and end up inhaling the entire block in a hard afternoon at the computer, then I’d be rewarded with a whopping 75 grams of fat. Oops!


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Completely agree about Cadbury’s cynical shaving of 20-40g off their blocks! I’m sure people understand that prices of raw ingredients have gone up, but they should either just increase the price or introduce obviously smaller versions. Trying to pass off a slightly smaller bar as the same is just mean.

  2. kathy

    i noticed that the other day!! mind you i was in the throes of PMS and didn’t care… i polished off my cashew nut block in ONE NIGHT! i haven’t been that bad for a while…

    Mind you i wanted to hold off on trying the Berry Pannacotta until someone else did 😀 Cheers Kath, next time i run out of choccie i’ll have to try some of this stuff, fat and all

    (maybe i *should* invest in a running machine or something… :))

    Incidentally have you tried Lindt’s dark ginger block? it tastes like ginger beer!!

  3. Yes I have, Kathy – I have tried the Lindt ginger – I’ve eaten it, loved it and submitted a review for this blog. I won’t reveal too much but I *LOVED* the fact that it had a peppery, fizzy taste rather than the usual chunks of ginger in it.

    And yes, the Berry Pannacotta is ideal for those PMS-related, stay at home on the couch, don’t wanna share moments 🙂

  4. Dave

    Here (in Israel) some manufacturers have responded to the complaints about shaving weight off products by proudly stating “New package – reduced weight” – and they gat away with it!

  5. silvermage2000

    Well I do like cadbury dairy milk once in a while. Mabe I will try this just for the difference factor.

  6. Fiona

    Tried this and have to say I was singularly underwhelmed – could only taste the chocolate and a vague bit of strawberryish stuff in the centre. Not a patch on the Creme Brulee!

  7. Fair enough, Fiona. The Creme brulee is indeed magnificent and you’ll leave more Berry Pannacotta for me 🙂

  8. Greg

    Another sugar and fat filled cheep tasting release from Cadbury, with 52% sugar (cost to Cadbury for the 107g about 5c + 77.5g of mostly cheep fats lets say about 10c + a tiny bit of cocoa about another 10c and some Flavonoids and packaging best guess 10c. So 35c production cost to $4.00+ on the shelves. This is not about making good chocolate, this is all about profits. Sorry to be so harsh but this is an ongoing trend to make cheeper chocolate and rely on marketing to help us make the switch.

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  11. Simone Graham

    OMG I miss this chocolate so much!!
    Can it be bought anywhere???

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