Cadbury Dairy Milk Crème Caramel

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Guest Chocablogger Natasha Faria from South Africa is back with a local Dairy Milk variation…

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crème Caramel

According to this wrapper, this is “Local ‘n Lekker” (collective cringe from English majors worldwide).

“Lekker” is an Afrikaans word that means nice, good, great, cool or tasty, pronounced thusly – lekk-irr, with a rolling R. 1 “Local” is the part I have a problem with. Clearly, the name is French, and the origin of the traditional crème caramel is actually Spain. Crème caramel is a dessert which is basically a custard tart with a caramel top and sugar syrup poured over it. A variation would be crème brulée, where the sugar forms a hard crust. I understand that in other parts of the world, it is also called flan, but I’ve never heard the term used here.

What makes crème caramel so utterly delectable is its subtlety. The actual custard part (which constitutes the larger part of the desert) is creamy and delicately flavoured. The caramel top and sugar syrup adds a little more sweetness and a very pleasant almost burnt taste, and voíla – dessert.

Unfortunately, subtlety is one thing Cadbury can’t do. Once again, the milk chocolate is of their usual standard quality – sweet and satisfying but not quite chocolate – but the filling tips this slab into the realm of the grotesque. I quite like crème caramel, and I’m very disappointed with this.

On a positive note, at least they’ve stayed true to the sickly orange representation on the wrapper – the filling tastes exactly how that looks.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crème Caramel

Seriously, though.

It really is sickly sweet, and I don’t know what type of crack cocaine Cadbury’s team was on, but this is not even crème caramel flavoured. The texture is grainy and puts one in mind of syrup that’s been left in some dark corner of the pantry for too long, except the taste doesn’t even offer that burnt caramel flavour that syrup would.

I made myself a cup of chai to accompany this, as the spiciness of the drink really compliments the creamy dessert, but found that after two pieces, I couldn’t take any more. Cadbury has once again provided acceptable chocolate, but the filling is far too overwhelming for one to even pick up on the milk chocolate.

For shame, folks.


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  1. Callum

    I tried one of these aswell, the creme wasnt what it appeared to be.
    It had more of a texture of buttercream, grainy and gritty.
    And very sickly indeed…

  2. Crikey! You don’t pull any punches!

  3. Well, “flan” is a spanish word and i tell you that a “flan” is completely diferent thing than “crème brulée”. “Flan” is a very common dessert in spain and it’s solid. It hasn’t a creamy texture.



  5. kim

    in south africa we tend to like the sickly sweetness. creme brulee may not have been invented here, but most of us grew up with it in our homes, so the name refers to it being a “Local favourite” as opposed to a local invention as it were.

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