Baron Dark Chocolate

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Baron Dark Chocolate

This strange Baron chocolate turned up the other day – not my find. The Lady Of The House was out and about and found it in one of the ultra-low-cost discount stores: “Go-Crazy-Cheap-Low-As-Chips” – or some such. You know the sort – everything strange you ever dreamed of and everything under a dollar, or two. Yes, thaaaaaat kind of store.

A quick Google search shows that these seem to show up in other countries too – I found a reference to them selling for $0.50 (Canadian) each in similar low-price stores – and getting good reviews, too. This is another chocolate from Poland – I speculated before on this being some national industry, this only seems to bear that out.

The web site shows that the dark chocolate we have is not part of their normal product range – perhaps an export special? What is interesting is that they will happily sell you Chocolate couvertures, compound masses and cream fillings – in bulk 20 kg bag or 12.5 kg box. You could do some serious damage to yourself buying in quantities like that!

On the trying it side of things, although its sold as “dark” chocolate, it is only 45% cocoa solids, which is not really very dark. There is no milk at all, though, so I guess the rest is sugar and such like. And it is pretty sweet.

I didn’t worry about a picture of what it looks like – the picture on the pack is quite accurate. In appearance, texture, and taste it has a stunning similarity to the Kinnertons Luxury Dark Chocolate I have tried before. It looks IDENTICAL, the cocoa percentage is about the same, the no milk is the same, the taste is the same. I have no idea if it is actually the same thing (they do claim different countries of origin) but by crikey the similarities are astonishing.

So the conclusion is much the same: wots it like then? Like the Kinnertons – pretty good. Sweet but not ridiculously so. Nothing to rave about, nothing to avoid either. Just a pleasant, easy to eat chocolate at a wonderful price.


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  1. “Baron” is a 2nd or even 3rd class choco from Poland, believe me 😉

  2. Yes, I have no doubt. It’s perfectly edible and very very cheap. There are certainly better (much better), and there are worse. If you want a cheap choc hit, this is fine. If you want to pay 3 times the price you can do a lot better.

  3. Phlox

    I am eatting Baron Chocolate with almonds, it tastes okay. It isn’t Hersey, but oh well.

  4. Just bought a 70% cocoa solids Baron chocolate, cost me 1.25$ at the market and it was pretty good.

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