Baker’s Select Romany Creams Balls

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Guest Chocablogger Nastash Faria returns with some more South African treats…

Baker’s Select Romany Creams Balls

Baker’s is a company that was established in 1881 in South Africa. When South Africans think biscuits, we think Bakers. A favourite of mine are the Baker’s Romany Creams, so imagine my absolute joy at finding mini version of my favourite chocolate biscuit, covered in chocolate!

Utopia in the snack aisle of my local supermarket. Romany Creams are a chocolate coconut biscuit sandwich with chocolate in the middle. These little fellows, on the other hand, are the reverse – instead of biscuit around some chocolate, they’re chocolate around some biscuit. In other words, perfect.

Baker’s Select Romany Creams Balls

The chocolate is lovely, not too much shellac and the shell is neither too thick nor too thin. It’s just good old nomming quality milk chocolate, in perfect proportion to the biscuit it covers. The biscuit itself is actually what makes this perfect – the texture is not only biscuity, but a little coconutty too, so it crumbles perfectly. When you’re a black abyss into which chocolate can always be thrown (like me), you’ll find that the more of these you eat, the better. The tastes that exist in the biscuit part are not always immediately apparent, but they do accumulate as you munch your way to obesity. They are slightly salty, slightly malty and have a hint of golden syrup. In fact, the taste is ever so slightly reminiscent of Milo.

One of the best things about this is that the taste lingers, so although I can still guarantee that you will eat the entire pack, you could probably stretch it out over the course of about 2 hours. At 75 grams, you needn’t be ashamed of yourself, until you remember how little biscuits way and how filled with bad things they are.

I consoled myself with the fact that I didn’t buy the 1 kg tub. I take my victories where I can get them.


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  1. Rowan

    So they’re like a heavier version of Maltesers?

    I’ll be completely honest, I’m not confident enough to say that I like having a baker’s balls in my mouth…

    Good review!

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