Anthon Berg Chocolate Coffee Drinks

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I found these a few weeks ago and they appealed because they looked, well, cute.

Anthon Berg is a Danish chocolate company that’s been around since 1884 even has the Royal Danish Court seal of approval. I’ve seen their liqueur-filled chocolates around at Christmas time and are aware that they’re often chosen as posh gifts but have never tried them. Until now – except these ones don’t have any alcohol in them, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your needs.

Shaped like large take-out coffee cups, they’re rather elegantly wrapped and come in four flavours – Espresso, Cappuccino, Toffee Macchiato and Vanilla Frappe. Coffee and chocolate are two strong delights that have always complemented each other but I’ve mostly seen coffee as a creamy, pale filling and was eager to see what Anthon Berg was going to make of them.

Unpeeled, they don’t look as attractive – sturdy bullets instead of funky cups but I was more concerned with what was inside the shell. I started with the mildest – Vanilla Frappe and was pleasantly surprised at the noticeable vanilla crème flavour inside the runny dark filling. Toffee Macchiato also had a lovely burnt sugar flavour that emerged through the rich coffee overtones.

Capppuccino was also very nice, but I’d be struggling to differentiate between it and the Vanilla Frappe if blindfolded; but that’s not really a complaint. The Espresso was my favourite – strong syrupy coffee that burst out of the good quality 55% dark chocolate. It was comforting to read that ground coffee beans, vanilla and coffee concentrate were among the usual list of ingredients.

These would make nice gift to give a coffee-and-chocolate lover or to serve with your own brew to your guests after dinner. Or, as I did, on my lonesome with a glass of cold milk or iced coffee. I had these little beauties at 11:30pm and was grateful that they didn’t keep me awake for too long afterwards.


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  1. They look really messy to eat, but at the same time, really delicious.

  2. You’re correct on both counts Cocoazilla. Like your sign on name by the way!

  3. Abdullah Amaireh

    It was nice time to receive one peice from Anthon Bery Raspberry chocolate.Really it was amaizing test.
    Please How and From where in stata of Kuwait I can get it.

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