Joss Stone: Flakey Flake Girl

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Stupid GirlIt seems like only last February that Cadbury were extolling the virtues of Alyssa Sutherland, their shiny new Flake Girl.

But after a single ad, Cadbury have killed off this Flake Girl (Cause of death: Drowning. Again.) and decided to replace her with Joss Stone.

Now if you know anything at all about Ms Stone, you’ll probably be banging your head on the table right about now and shouting “WHY!?” very loudly.

I can only think that someone at Cadbury googled the word “flake” and her name came up. That’s the only possible reason I can think of that anyone would hire this annoying woman for such an important role. Yes she can sing – but she’s also the kind of person that makes you ant to throw furniture at the TV every time she talks. This is the girl from Devon who went to California for a week and came back with an American accent.

Now I know it’s just an advert, but Flake ads are about luxury, indulgence and desire. They should not make you want to shoot your television.


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