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Chocablogger Kath has been at it again. It’s bad enough that we can’t keep her off the radio, but it seems she’s now having trouble keeping out of the papers too!


Click the image to view full size or you can read the article on the paper’s web site. Oh, and if you’re interested, you can read Kath’s original Creme Egg Love Story too.


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  1. NICE!! That truly is a dream job!!

    Have you reviewed Fran’s Chocolates yet? Specifically, their Smoked Salt Caramels? I’ve been an addict for almost 6 (maybe 7!) years now….gulp… Their spiced macadamia nuts are pretty incredible too… give ’em a try and please review so I can read up on what you think of them! Then try her chocolate covered figs or apricots… a wonderful delight of rich flavor (I won’t spoil too much of the surprise in case you’ve never had them) – I’ve been in love with them since 1983 when I found her shop on my way home from the University of WA!

  2. …I’ve never had them but will now keep my beady (and greedy) eyes open. I wonder if she ships them to Melbourne?

  3. Congrats on the press! You go girl!

  4. Thanks Lynn. I’ve actually just spent a very interesting day with the crew of ‘A Current Affair’ (channel nine) for a television segment after they found this article online. Most of the day was spent laughing at how much my life has changed from being a miserable and over-worked cube-farm dweller a couple of years ago to eating chocolate, cracking jokes and running to and fro in front of a camera a dozen times pretending to be escaping and scoffing some Creme Eggs in an alleyway! It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out either Thursday or Friday this week. In these tough economic and climactic times, it’s nice to have something naughty-but-nice to look forward to!

  5. Simon

    Good work! Looks like Chocablog has it’s first multimedia star in the making!

  6. Well Simon, when the stage show hits town, I’ll be contacting you for your artistic and technical skills!

  7. river

    I’m happy to say that I know Kath personally, having met up with her several times before she moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. She’s as wonderful in real life as she is online.

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