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Yesterday, our very own Australian Correspondent MillyMoo (aka Kath) appeared on the radio to talk about Chocablog and her love of chocolate in general. She even took calls from listeners.

But you don’t have to travel back in time and half way around the world to listen! We’ve got the whole interview right here. Just click play or download the MP3 here!


Fantastic stuff!

Stay tuned…. Next week we plan to take over the whole world!
(Then cover it in thick milk chocolate.)


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  1. No Dom – let’s cover the world in DARK chocolate instead! 🙂

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Is that a good idea? You’d only eat it and photograph the wrapper.

  3. Touche (or ‘Fair Enough’ in Australian) !

  4. Simon

    Way to go Kath – flying the (slightly stained) flag for us Down Under.

    Now, how about that cultural exchange trip to Oz for us pallid Brit Chocabloggers?

  5. Bring it ON, Simon – you’re welcome here (as is darling Dom) any time!

  6. Chien

    Hi there, it was mentioned on the radio about this brand of chocolate that’s beyond words, “Hay Chocolate” or something? Would anyone be able to provide their website please? Thanks!

  7. Dr B

    Hi Chien,

    It is Haigh’s Chocolate.

    Hope you will enjoy it!

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