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Last week I met with Paul Eagles of Kokoa Collection Hot Chocolate. Paul is based in Muswell Hill, just around the corner from me, so we met in a local café that’s going to be stocking his range of hot chocolates and sat down for a chat.

Kokoa Collection is a bit different from your average hot chocolate range, as they are all made from single origin chocolate. There’s nothing added or taken away, each flavour is simply pure chocolate with a different bean origin and cocoa content.

I’ve said many times before, that using real chocolate is the only way you should really make a hot chocolate drink, so it’s great to see a range of hot chocolates that not only uses real chocolate, but lets people explore the differences between chocolates from different regions. I chose to try this rather nice 82% Madagascar hot chocolate, made by the man himself.

Of course we have seen single origin hot chocolates before – notably, Jaz & Jul use only ethically sourced chocolate from The Grenada Chocolate Company for their hot chocolate range, but where Jaz & Jul add extra flavours to their drinks, Paul relies entirely on the natural flavour of the chocolate itself. He does offer a range of flavoured sugars that you can add to your drink if you want something a little sweeter though.

I chose not to add anything sugar to mine, and was very happy with the flavour. Made with steam and hot milk for a nice froth, it’s not too heavy, and importantly tastes of real chocolate! There isn’t a lot of sweetness to the 82% Madagascan, but that’s the way I like my hot chocolate. I’d quite happily have a cup of this instead of a tea or coffee in the morning.

Paul is selling Kokoa Collection hot chocolates both into cafés, and direct to the consumer to make at home, and you can even buy it online. It’s a very simple concept, but in my opinion, it’s just the right way to make hot chocolate. I recommend giving it a go.


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  1. Ana

    Those jars look so pretty! 🙂

    I think the only single origin hot chocolates I’ve tried so far were the ones from Rausch – El Cuador 70% and Puerto Cabello 43%.

  2. Kit

    Oh wow – sure beats Cadbury’s! I’d go for the dark chocolate too – would love to try it one day.

  3. Wow I love your flavored sugar. That’s is awesome idea.

  4. sudhakar

    I tell people to just use chocolate for drinking and they give me a funny look. Try using couverture, I like Belcolade, and just hot water.

  5. Kay Blank

    I had this hot chocolate for the first time this week in a little deli on the quayside in Mousehole, Cornwall. I had the Ecuador. Wow… I have sought a hot chocolate this good for a long time. I didn’t add sugar and found it a deep taste with no bitterness. I bought some to bring home and also the 82%. Going to try 2 parts Ecuador to one part Madagascar 🙂

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