Chocophile: Ade Edmondson

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It’s been a while, but it’s time for another Chocophile – where we drag unsuspecting celebs from the street and ruthlessly give them lovely chocolates in an effort to get them to answer our questions.

This week, we’ve bagged all round funny bloke Adrian “Ade” Edmondson. (Quite literally – he’s now in a bag at the bottom of Simon’s garden. Sorry about that.)



Adrian Edmondson

Renaissance Tw*t
Web Site:

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
All types – even Caramac
Your guilty chocolate pleasure:
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Milky Bar
Average Chocolate Consumption:
3 bars a week
Fruit or nut:
No, no, no, no NO!!!!
Crunchy or chewy:
No, no, no – stop it!!!
Give or receive:
Least favourite chocolate:
Boxes of chocolates. It has to be pure.

A bit of a mixed bag, this one! The subject shows some promise and an open mind (even us hardcore chocolate interrogators have been known to indulge in the odd Caramac). We’re not so sure about his aversion to ‘boxes of chocolates’ though. Re-education by way of a 24-hour force-feeding Chococo Chocolates is underway.

Fans of Mr Edmondson can also see a more in-depth grilling by Robert Llewellyn on today’s episode of his Car Pool web show.


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  1. He looks like a slightly deranged potato – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

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