World Market Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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I love World Market. Lately, they’ve been adding their own products to those that they sell. I’ve yet to try their chocolate bars, but their Hazelnut Cocoa Spread has been a friend of mine for a while now. But when I went to buy a new jar, I found this one in its place. (At the time, they didn’t have a new spread that wasn’t “crunchy,” but they now do.) Would it be as good? I worried.

It is. Although the design is different, the ingredients are much the same, except that this one has real vanilla instead of artifical. The old spread was just like a hazlenut truffle filling, but this is less thick and more butter-like. It loses a little richness, yet that makes it more suitable for everyday. I wasn’t too excited about the pieces of hazelnut, but they’re a nice addition. Again, they turn it into a spread that won’t lose its charm after the initial excitement.

Whether on toast, bagels, crepes, or chips (both potato and tortilla — I was in a creative mood), this spread passed the test. Maybe it’s because of belief that hazelnut and chocolate were born for each other. Still, I think many people will be glad to have a chance to have chocolate for breakfast.


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  1. Rachel

    Yummm, looks delicious.
    It’s like fancy nutella.

  2. annabelle

    I’m in heaven just looking at this stuff – where do you find it>?

  3. Annabelle: you can find it at any World Market (Cost Plus) here in the U.S.

  4. I remember discovering as a small child that my grandparents had chocolate spread that they ate on bread. After years of being told I wasn’t allowed to have chocolate for breakfast I was also relieved to discover it was not only allowed but encouraged in some households.
    The spread they had can be used as a glass when it is empty. I was impressed to find how many of these glasses they had in the cupboard and that for years I had been drinking out of chocolate spread glasses!
    I’m a big fan of this still and it’s delicious also with peanut butter. Chocolate is one of my favourite foods!

  5. PavlovsDog

    I purchased this yesterday from World Market. As soon as I got home, I tried it. Yummy! It tastes like the filling of the Ferro Roche candies.

  6. Interested

    Looks delicious.. does it taste better than Nutella…

    I am from singapore.. Interest in distributing in singapore

  7. reita

    At the World Market in Arlington Tx they have discontinued this product.

    I loved it. Know where I can find the same thing?

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