Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat Sour Cherry-Chilli

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For those who may be on a budget, or perhaps fancy something a little out of the ordinary without breaking the bank, Aldi have produced this 85% cocoa dark chocolate bar with a sour cherry and chilli/chocolate mousse filling. I first became aware of the existence of this particular item a few months ago, but they were always out of stock until my most recent visit. I found myself wondering if this was due to their huge popularity or a decision not to bring too many into the UK.

I initially thought this was a hefty bar of chocolate weighing in at almost 200g, but it is in fact a packet of five mini bars, each composed of five segments, all of which bear the Moser Roth logo. The packaging is well designed and has an air of luxury about it, and the chocolate is deeply dark and looks very inviting. It may not be hand made, or sourced from rare cacao beans, but aside from a discreet Aldi logo on the back, most people would be none the wiser if you told them this was top notch Euro-choc.

As soon as your tongue makes first contact with the outer shell you know you’re eating high cocoa content chocolate. The chocolate is very reminiscent of Lindt’s 85% dark chocolate, with a bittersweet sharpness that needs to be paired with something more delicate (and sweet), and this is where the sour cherry and chocolate mousse come in.

I was hoping that the sour cherry would be suitably tart, and I wasn’t disappointed. The fruity acidity makes the mouth water, and as the sharp sweetness cuts into the dark cocoa, the light chocolate mousse joins in, with the chilli adding a hint of warmth to the finish. In fact my only crticism would be that the hint of warmth is just that, a hint. Personally I could have taken a little more heat, but I suppose this bar is designed to have mass appeal, and too much chilli might well scare many people off.

Other than a lack of ‘kick’ I have to say I was rather impressed with this. When you consider that you’re getting just shy of 200g (187g if you must know) of well made, well presented chocolate with an unusual and well put together filling for not much more than you’d pay for a standard bar of Cadbury’s, there’s s very strong argument for checking out your local Aldi. This is another high-end supermarket product at a very competitive price.


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  1. NeilT

    Found this some time ago, but it’s not always available. Gorgeous stuff!

  2. I quite liked it, the chocolate itself was good but found it too sweet.

  3. Damon

    Was bought some of this as a Christmas present. After finishing it, I craved it so much I made a special trip to Aldi to purchase 2 more bars. I had to dig deep in the boxes though as it was in scare supply, hidden behind some other Mousse au Chocolat bars. Quite possibly the best value chocolate I have ever tasted.

  4. steve

    i absolutly love these i buy it every week from aldi a good tip put it in the freezer for a few hours then eat it it makes 1000 times better

  5. glamorous amazing epic

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