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I have written before about a few in the selection of Mikado chocolate from Croatia. As seems to be the way of these things, I’ve kept the best until last. Of course this was carefully planned.

This Mikado Menta is a 72% chocolate with mint. As I’ve written before (many times… feel like a broken record), mint in chocolate takes me back to the 70’s when the height of sophistication here in the land down under, was “Red Tulip After Dinner Mints”*. About the same time there was a Crime Drama series on TV (was it Hazell?) where one of the characters was known as “Choc Minty”. Sigh.

I never quite understood the appeal of After Dinner Mints: chocolate and sweet minty goo just puts me off; it’s not very appealing. So I’m very hard to please. The other participants in the weekly meeting are, perhaps, not so fussy.

After all this waffle, the inevitable question must be asked: what’s the chocolate like?

As usual with this selection of Croatian chocolates, it was broken up, tasted, and photographed in the weekly progress meeting. I certainly get some strange looks for doing that but hey, it’s worth it!

And the chocolate is actually pretty good, it has a pleasant richness, in both taste and aroma. There is no goo – the mint is just part of the chocolate; it is quite pleasant and certainly not overpowering.

The collective criticisms of the tasting panel were that the chocolate has a gritty appearance, and the mint leaves a slightly harsh after-taste. Neither of these are offensive. The gritty look is only in appearance, it has no effect on taste or texture. The mint after-taste is more of a concern, however you do need to be fairly fussy to detect it. Even the dark-chocolate-hater thought this was OK. Her normal reaction to anything darkish is that it is too bitter. This time, however, even she could go back for more.

The general view was that this is the best of the Mikado range we tried. If mint chocolate is your thing, see if you can find one of these.


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