Yoosli Chocolate & Berry Clusters

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Yoosli Chocolate & Berry Clusters

As you might imagine, I get offered all kinds of chocolate related products for review here, but with limited time I have to turn many offers that don’t fit into the usual “bars or truffles” categories down. This one, however, caught my attention.

What I wasn’t expecting was for the PR company to send me three boxes of these Yoosli Chocolate & Berry Clusters! So after putting aside a box for myself, I took the rest in to work for my colleagues (or “tasting panel” as they like to call themselves) to try.

The very next day I was informed that Yoosli was “amazing”, “addictive” and “awesome”. But not as a healthy breakfast – as a late night snack, eaten straight out of the box.

It quickly became clear that I was going to have to do things properly.

Yoosli Chocolate & Berry Clusters

It turns out that when consumed with a little milk and/or natural yoghurt, they’re equally good. The clusters have a great crunch and a nice balance between the chocolate and berry flavours. Most importantly of all, grown up Cocoa Pops lovers will be glad to know they even turn the milk chocolatey.

I have to confess, I’m not normally a breakfast person. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any breakfast cereal (at least any that doesn’t come in a handy bar format), but I’ve been rather taken with my Yoosli. My 500g box is now almost gone, and I’m starting to regret giving the other two boxes away.

If I have one reservation, it’s that a quick glance at the ingredients does reveal “non hydrogenated palm oil” fairly high up on the list. I’m sure it’s necessary for holding the clusters together or something, but it’s something I would rather not be consuming.

But that really is the only downside I can find to what a very tasty breakfast cereal – and late night snack.


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  1. This seems so yum yummy! I wanna taste this too!

  2. Rebeca Suciu

    It just had to have a disgusting and unethical ingredient somewhere. I’ll stick to my porridge.

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