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Before I proceed, a little history. When I was 9 my parents bought me a sweet shop (well, they thought they were buying a business opportunity, but I was 9). I lived in the shop for three years and consumed many times my body weight in Cadbury, Mars and Nestle.

These days my tastes tend towards high cocoa content choccies (30% or more for milk, 70% or more for plain). Belgium and Switzerland ought to give me a medal!

Earlier this year we went on the London Eye and there was a competition to win a holiday in America. All you had to do was to spot a giant golden egg that had been concealed on a rooftop, and then say how high it was in millimetres. Well, my wife did some fairly serious calculations, but only managed the runner up prize – a gold plated bar of chocolate!

The chocolate was made by Xocoa of Barcelona as a strictly limited edition, only available up to July this year. As you can see, the bar has been covered in (edible) gold leaf.
We opened the box with great anticipation (I’d done some research on Xocoa and their products look pretty fab).

The bar lay there, gleaming. Too nice to eat? Nah, course not.

We started with an ungilded piece. The chocolate is 73% – about the limit for eating chocs really – and smelled fantastic. It wasn’t too sweet, and as it melted you could catch a hint of the roast cocoa beans. Smooth as silk and deliciously rich, this is definitely one of the best dark chocolate bars I have tasted. It’s certainly enough for me to be VERY interested in other Xocoa products.

Of course, we didn’t monster it all immediately – the advantage of such dark chocolate is that it’s actually quite hard to eat a large quantity in one sitting. The gold leaf is almost unnoticeable (I thought it would play havoc with fillings, rather like foil) but was pleasantly surprised.

There may be some minor health benefit to ingesting gold, but I think it was just there for show.

Without doubt the poshest chocolate I have eaten to date, and well worth a taste (although you’d have to do without the gold).


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  1. I knew I’d seen the gold leaf chocolate before, and I found out where, from Firebox, but they are sold out now! DOH!

  2. alison sharples

    I’ve been looking for some gold leaf chocolate for ages now. Just thought I’d let you know that it’s for sale on amazon UK. I’ve just ordered some & will keep you posted!

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