Woolworths Select Dark Chocolate

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Woolworths Select Dark

After trying Woolworths almond milk chocolate, my hopes were hovering at around pond slime level when their Dark Chocolate block was ready for reviewing. As with the other block, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. If they are aiming at the bargain basement crowd then it’s a winner, but if they want discerning buyers to be attracted to their chocolate, this wrapper scores an F.

Despite my pompous dismissal of the packaging, there was a pleasant, sweet and dark aroma when the plastic wrapper was opened. The rectangular chunks of chocolate are rather large and deep and very, very difficult to snap.

Leaving it out to soften slightly helped matters a bit and gave me a chance to peruse the ingredients. Sugar first, so there won’t be a huge cocoa solids content (47%, which is a bit optimistic to call it dark chocolate in my opinion); cocoa butter, butter oil milk, soy lecithin —— hang on a second – Butter milk oil? What the blown gasket was that? If nothing else, it explains why a mere 4 piece serving of this chocolate will reward the eater with one-quarter their daily allowance of saturated fat.

Woolworths Select Dark

And the taste? Awful. Bloody awful. This was like cooking chocolate. Just cheap, nasty, compound-oily, sharp-tanged and gluggy in the mouth. Yuck. No wonder it’s the supermarket’s own label and the manufacturer won’t reveal themselves because This. Is. Just. Not. Good. Enough. No, not even for cheapskate bargain hunters who hate their friends. What’s worse is that, over three days, I persisted in eating it to see if it improved or to check that I wasn’t being unnecessarily snobby or too harsh. Instead, I was rewarded with a headache for my efforts.

To describe this box of poo as ‘deliciously full bodied….pure temptation” with “a wonderfully delicate texture and a luxuriously rich flavour” is to tell big porky pies. I’d rather eat mud. Or carob! Avoid like the plague. Or someone suffering from the plague holding a block of this in their infested hands.


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Comments On This Post

  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Eating mud is one thing, but carob?? Wow, it really must be bad.

  2. So you really liked it then?

  3. You need to stop holding back and tell us what you really think. :o)

  4. Christine

    Oh God! Surely nothing can be worse than carob?!?!?

  5. Believe me, this would have been GOOD compared to Carob. Kath exaggerates a little. Only a little.

  6. Maggie

    What I don’t understand is why you chose to torture yourself with this thing (the word chocolate would be an exaggeration) instead of just feeding your rubbish bin 🙂

  7. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Maggie: Everyone around here has to eat their share of bad chocolate so they can fully appreciate the good stuff. It’s the law. 🙂

  8. I’m confused – Woolworths closed down over a month ago! So I assume you can’t get this chocolate anywhere!

  9. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Jeremy: Read the previous comments – Woolworths in Australia is a different company.

  10. Maggie, I *did* torture myself, that’s true, but before I unleashed my negative review, I honestly thought I’d better give it a few tries to make sure that yes, it still tasted like poo.
    Or a sub-par carob…..

  11. Ben

    Woolworths Select Chocolate is no longer – the unknown manufacturer had its factory burn down. Not that we’ll miss it – but you can no longer buy it.

  12. Aw Ben, that’s such a shame…… So, do YOU know who the unknown manufacturer is? I’ve LOVE to know.

    It’s a genuine shame, however, for the people who worked there who lost their jobs – here’s hoping that the company finds other employment for them pronto.

  13. sarah

    i totally disagree – and i loved the big big chunks

  14. O()O

    Only searched for this on the Internet because it tasted so horrible
    and gave me a headache.
    This crap is still in production.
    The packaging is different thesedays.
    “Ingredients are: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Anhydrous Milk Fat,
    Natural Vanilla Flavour, Emulsifiers(Soy Lecithin 322, 476).
    Dark Chocolate Contains: 47% Cocoa Solids.
    Made in Australia from Local and Imported Ingredients”.

    The instant thoughts for the Select Dark = sugary, crumbly in the mouth, cheap, nasty crap. It must be compound came to mind. Select Dark also gave me instant headache for some reason, only after couple of squares.

    “Woolworths Select is our commitment to bringing you the finest quality products. We guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with this product we will refund the total purchase price……..”
    Will be doing that.

    I gave Select Dark a try because the other major competing supermarket Coles brand Dark chocolate, made in Belgium, is true to the review on this website.

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