Willabrand Dark Chocolate Figlettes

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Newest Aussie Chocablogger Ashleigh Quick takes a look at something a little different from down under….

Back when I was a kid, if you wanted jam (jelly, for you Americans), you bought Glen Ewin. It was only about 30 years ago one bought local produce, because that was all you could get. Before globalisation, in fact way before long distance transport made it easy to get anything from anywhere, you had no choice. Buy local produce, or do without.

In southern Australia, Glen Ewin had a large property in the Adelaide Hills, where they grew all manner of fruits, which were made into jam. The enterprise started in 1943, the jam-making in 1862.

By the late 1980’s, the business folded – a victim of changing tastes and poor management.
Some good came from all this though: Willa Wauchope, of the current family that own the property, grows figs. Some of the figs come from the original trees planted in the 1850’s. But these are not just any old figs, these little figgies don’t go to market, these go to chocolate.

Willabrand Dark Chocolate Figlettes are the small fellas, little figs – dried naturally on the tree, then coated with dark chocolate. Each is about 1.5 cm in diameter – perhaps ¾ inch. Lay them on a plate and they bear an uncanny resemblance to that other South Australian favourite, Fruchocs.

Remember, these little babies are not some boiled down essence of fig laced with chemical factory wonder, these are the real deal.

A dissection makes an interesting diversion for a Sunday afternoon (such being the things that amuse us), and inside we find the sticky pulp and seeds of the fig within. No messin’ about here. Straight fruit, pure and simple.

Finally, the taste test. No idea where the chocolate comes from, but its rich, sweet, and altogether more-ish. The fig: well, it’s… ummmmm… figgy. Nice. The crunch of little dried seeds adds a wonderful texture. Our friends from Denmark made the pronouncement: Nice!

These chaps have a big brother. If the figlettes look a bit on the small side then try the Chocolate Figs instead. The same idea but with a much larger fig inside. And just as good. Get some today!


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  1. Chocolate and figs! Two of my favorite things. Where can I get these in the US?

  2. Errr… I don’t know that you can get them in the US.

    I suggest you try their web site (http://www.willabrand.com) and see if you can contact them, and ask. Or they might be able to sell you some by mail-order.

  3. Dear Pam,

    My name is Roland Roccioleti joint owner of Willabrand Australia. At present, we don’t sell directly into the US, however we have been supplying a large number of interested & very happy consumers directly into the US via mail-order.

    If you send me an email at info@willabrand.com, I can send you back our product price list for your perusal & consideration.

    Thank you. I look forward to speaking with you.

    Roland Roccioletti
    Managing Partner
    + 61 8 8380 5692
    + 61 8 8380 5693
    + 61 417 807 475

  4. Hello! Just to let you know that we sell these in our store on the Central Coast, Erina. They are very popular! You can also buy them online from our store. (Currently only within Australia). They go great with our freshly roasted Caesars Coffee.

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