Whittaker’s Dark Orange

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Whittaker’s Dark Orange

Whittaker’s chocolates have been made in Wellington New Zealand since 1896 and they are the only manufacturers in the land of sheep, hillsides and hobbits to start the process from scratch by roasting their own cocoa beans.

We Aussies have enjoyed their wares since 1992 and, like all things Kiwi that are worthy and successful, we Australians tend to adopt them as our own (see Crowded House, Peter Jackson, and sometimes Russell Crowe). However in the case of Whittaker’s, they are still a relatively shy brand here in the land of big backyards and blow flies, and it is not always easy to find.

Occasional scarcity has never put me off the hunt. I have always loved their plain milk and dark chocolate blocks and was thrilled to see their Dark Chocolate Orange 250g at the local supermarket. This quarter-kilo slab of heaven is made with their delicious bittersweet dark chocolate that has a cocoa content of 47% and is generously studded with generous chunks of soft, chewy crystallised orange peel.

Whittaker’s Dark Orange

For some reason, apart from the ubiquitous and rather dreary Terry’s Chocolate Oranges that are flung around at Christmas time, a decent dark choc’n’orange block is hard to come by. This has always puzzled me. I’m still wondering why Jaffas sweets are so popular here when they seem to consist of compounded chocolate with the faintest whiff of laboratory orange flavour coated in solidified chalk, and are about as enticing as crunching on a ten year old moth ball.

Therefore, it was with great anticipation that I unwrapped the self-proclaimed ‘Zestful’ block. This combination of dark chocolate and subtle orange oils is a superb pairing. I know that all good and sensible chocolate lovers (and reviewers) should leave a square on their tongue for a at least a few moments to enable a decent tango with the taste buds, but it was impossible NOT to enthusiastically chew through the softish chocolate in order to reach the orange. Crikey, it was hard enough reminding myself to stop inhaling the stuff in time to take a picture of some of it!

Whittaker’s is the kind of ‘quiet achiever’ brand that Cadbury should be nervous about. They are more authentic and much more skilled at pairing additional fillings and flavours with much better quality chocolate and additional ingredients. And they are more than welcome to become an adopted Aussie icon any time.


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  1. What’s the chance of finding these in the UK?

  2. anabels

    I absolutely adore their Sante bars. Which at 25 grams are enough chocolate to satisfy the craving without requiring you immediately go on a 3 mile run! Look out for their 72% Ghana bar and their coffee bar (exact name escapes me). Oh and a friend who likes caramel says the dark caramel bar is worth having a first born to sacrafice to get it (she doesn’t have kids!)

  3. Yes Anabels, their other blocks are also fantastic and I hope to do a few more reviews on them as well.

    Not sure if Whittakers is available in the UK, unless it’s hidden away in some Antipodean giftshop that homesick Kiwi backpackers visit for an occasional taste of home. You could try contacting Whittakers via their website address: http://www.whittakers.co.nz/contact/

  4. Cath

    Did you get any further with your query Bret?
    My older son has just returned form NZ bringing this delicious chocolate back with him. One bar was finished in a day, it is so frustrating seeing the other one on the dining room table waiting for my son to open it.

  5. katrina

    It’s Mocha.. the coffee one with real coffee beans.. it’s awesome and you should all try the dark Ghana as well. I’m also trying to buy these Whittakers blocks in the UK… any suggestions?

  6. Jackie

    Why can I not buy your dark orange chocolate in Hamilton.?

  7. Lola Morris

    Dark Orange chocolate my all time favourite, but why can I no longer find it in Masterton Supemarkets. Even tried Wellington last weekend. 🙁

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