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I know I know; cherry liqueur choccies are the cocoa equivalent of Benny Hill – very popular in the 1970s but rarely discussed or touched since then. However I have always liked them. Loved them in fact, but have many times been disappointed by the dodgy boxes found at the bottom of bargain bins, crusted with sugar crystals and coated in the dreaded compounded chocolate. Not that the words ‘compounded’ or ‘chocolate’ should be placed together in my opinion.

Still, I always keep my eyes out for this unfashionable type when I’m out and about, and lo and behold, this rather unedifying box was given a rather prominent place amongst the Lindt, Ferrero and Cadbury Christmas lines already on sale at K-Mart. Walkers is a brand that we Aussies normally associate with short bread biscuits in tins and the back of the box informed me that these were made in Germany for the Birmingham-based company.

As tends to be the norm for cherry liqueurs, they go for quantity first and quality second, so the rather drab appearance wasn’t out of the ordinary. I know that looks aren’t everything but if cherry liqueur makers modernised their presentation a bit – funkier boxes maybe or individually wrapped truffle types or got someone sexy to admit they loved them – they might enjoy a renaissance. I don’t wish the same for The Benny Hill Show repeats though. Upon opening, they still smelled good despite their boring presentation with a nice inviting whiff of alcohol and an even more inviting smell of dark cocoa.

How did they taste? Pretty bloody good actually. No actual cherry or glace version inside, just a runny liqueur filling that was strong but not overpowering. The chocolate, at a respectable 50% cocoa solids was also rather nice, and let the booze dominate first, only to fade away and finally allow the taste of the slow melting chocolate to emerge victorious. There is real cherry brandy inside, comprising seven percent of each chocolate, so you’d need to inhale a few before the floor came up to meet you.

Not bad at all – not something you’d whip out to impress someone, but OK as your own private weakness.


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  1. boo

    cherry brandy chocolates are also one of my guilty pleasures. it’s so hard to find good ones. i’ll keep my eye out. ^_^

  2. Andrea

    Fashionable or not, these are always on my Christmas list, my favourites are Mon Cheri by Ferrero, but I’m always willing to try a new brand! (Apparently these are hazelnut chocolates in the US and cherry in the UK – if anyone wants to send me any, take note it’s the cherry ones, please!)

  3. Trevor

    The Coop were selling 150g of these for 99p in Nov-Dec 2008.

    Fantastic bargain, then they ran out and didn’t re-stock. They are German. Superb quality. Too good for the Co-op proles, obviously.

    Any idea where to buy, especially in bulk? Thanks.

  4. Trevor

    I just spoke to Walkers about these German brandy liqueur chocolates. They are only supplied to stores August-December under own-names like Co-op, Tesco, Asda. 99p for 150 grams. Absolute giveaway … and they fly off the shelves in minutes. Then the supermarkets don’t re-stock. Co-op’s in Cambridge area only got one case of 14 boxes each last year.

    Members here: please lobby supermarkets and the distributors Walkers to make these a year-round item, and to carry adequate stocks to meet demand. A classic case of retailers losing profits by failing to meet customer demand. Thanks all.

  5. omprakash

    i am from india we like to start making Liqueur Chocolates in india but we cant find any consultant for our project even we cant find any Liqueur Chocolates company web site if any one no about it please help me we need consultant or collaboration for my project.

  6. Micsie blue


    Just to say you have what looks like a good site at first glance, thank you for being there and allowing me/us to gather info.

    My weakness is for really good cherry’s in brandy and extremely dark chocolate. Not that easy to get hold of for me as I leave ‘at the wrong end of town’ and no one stocks them, so I am checking supplies out on-line.

    The site is easy on the eye and is easy to navigate, thanks for being there!

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