Vosges Oaxaca Bar

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I don’t know why this chocolate intimidated me. I’ve had chocolate/chili combinations several times; why should I be reluctant to try this one? Maybe its the picture of a chili pepper on the front, taking up almost half the space with its red coloration? Or maybe the yellow seeds scattered across the white background? It could also just be that this is by Vosges — whose chocolate I’ve never tried, but know for their Bacon bar. That evokes boldness, right? Anyone to put chocolate and bacon together could easily also make a burningly spicy bar. Oh, how was I wrong.

The thing intimidating me was a mini bar — a mere 14 grams. Its dark face is marked by the words “Inspire the people around you.” More like what I’d expect from a fortune cookie than a bar of chocolate, but okay — what inspires more than chocolate? I tried to extend the observation until it really was time to dig in. Anyway, I was starting to rethink my nerves — barely any aroma of space came from the chocolate.

On first taste, there was not much, either. I had a moment to simply luxuriate in the 75% dark chocolate before the spice (from guajillo and pasilla peppers) came. With it were my worries: if it’s a building-up chocolate, how hot will it be at the end? The answer: pretty tolerable. The Oaxaca Bar isn’t a burner. The spice builds without turning your mouth to flames. It even nods off a moment early to allow the chocolate last word.

Maybe Vosges isn’t about drama after all. With this calm a chili bar, their bacon bar must not be anything to draw back at. The back of the box gives a little list on tasting chocolate (Breathe, Sea, Smell, Snap, and Taste), which may not be anything new to the chocolate aficionado, but is a convenient intro for newbies. For a note on the chocolate side since this is my first time with Vosges, it is good quality, just not overly impressive. It’s the flavored bars I’ll be looking after over anything plain.

This bar I’d recommend if you want a chili kick, but nothing that’ll go over the edge. It’s always good to still be able to taste the chocolate, right?


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  1. Anna

    You can buy Vosges in the UK, in Selfridges. My favourite chocolate of all time is their Barcelona bar – and I am not alone, as it happens to be Nigella Lawson’s favourite chocolate bar as well. Do try it.

  2. Ashley

    I’ve been a Vosges-lover for a quite awhile, and I have to say the Oaxaca is one of the least impressive of their chocolate bars. The Red Fire packs a little more spice and also has cinnamon.

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